Why is Yoga so good for stress?

Why is Yoga so good for stress?

Why Yoga is so good for us

When it comes to stress there are many good reasons for trying to reduce it, not least because stress is one of the leading causes of disease worldwide but also drastically affects our hair, skin and general mental health. For more information on why stress causes hair loss check out our previous post "let's talk about stress baby!"  

One of the best stress relieving activities is Yoga, Something our founder, Laura Tudor has used to find balance in her life and ultimately aid her in the recovery of her hair. Read on to find out why Yoga is so good for your mind, body and soul.

You probably don't need me to tell you much about yoga, its everywhere these days which is great, however in the UK (and the West in general)we mainly focus on the Asanas, the movement based aspect of Yoga, (the postures) However in only focusing on the physical aspect of Yoga we could be missing out on a heap of other knowledge. There are branches of Yoga, know as 'the limbs of Yoga'. Understanding the different elements of Yoga can help us to achieve more wellness in our everyday lives. Yoga originates from India and is not a religion but more a philosophy of life. One of the traditional founding texts on Yoga, believed to have been based upon even earlier traditions and philosophies is the Yoga Sutras, from this body of Sanskrit writings about Yoga, the 8 Limbs are extracted.

The Eight Limbs of Yoga:

Apply the aspects of Yoga to help reduce stress

knowing more about the different limbs of Yoga can help us take elements and incorporate them in to our daily lives which means we can gain much more from the essence of Yoga than just the movement alone. 

I think its fair to say that in our modern society, as 'advanced' we have become in technology, healthcare and industry, we have, on an individual level a lack of spiritual development or connection for the most part.

I'm not suggesting that we need to all become Yogi's, however the message is simple and proven. True happiness can not be attained through acquiring material possessions but rather by finding peace within and utilising the essence of all the limbs of Yoga can help us on the way to doing just that! If nothing else, Yoga can help us to feel connection to ourselves, reduce stress and bring us back to centre then it is doing some good! 

 Practicing gratitude

On a last note, we have been practicing some morning gratitude which has been really helping us get through this difficult time. By starting the day reflecting on the things we are truly grateful for we set a tone for the day and shift to a positive mentality straight out of the gates. If you want to try, Just remember to think about or say aloud 3 things that you feel grateful for, hopefully they bring a smile to your face and help you start the day of really well!

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