We deserve the best and so does our planet. Here at CENTRED, we take great pride in being environmentally responsible, from our packaging and manufacturing to our ingredients. For every 1 bottle sold, we take 10x the amount of plastic out of the environment. 

At CENTRED we feel a personal responsibility to ensure that every decision we make has been carefully considered in an effort to reduce our environmental impact. While our number one priority is to create high performing products, that does not mean we have to compromise on our ethical and environmental responsibility

Sustainably CENTRED:

Ingredients - Our natural, vegan, cruelty-free products are made with responsibly sourced, premium ingredients that are backed by science creating high performing natural hair care products that actually work for your hair. 

Manufacturing - Our culture of sustainability feeds into our manufacturing practises too. We have purposefully chosen to stay as local as possible in an effort to reduce our carbon emissions with the majority of our manufacturing partners based in the UK. 

Packaging - We believe in a circular economy. When designing our packaging we took a grass-root approach by visiting waste plants to understand the life cycle of a product, its packaging and where it goes after we throw it away. All of our bottles are made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic (RPET) and is 100% recyclable. Our postage packaging is made from an FSC mix of recycled cardboard and the shredding inside the boxes is made from recycled materials. We are working on an alternative to sample sachets and in the meantime you can send them back to us at CENTRED, 80 Clarendon Road, London, W11 2HR where we can recycle them for you. 

CENTRED always has room to grow into an even more sustainable brand. We are constantly aware of our impact and we hope to make it easier for you to be a conscious consumer.

We'd love to answer any queries you have, please send us a message via email to hello@wearecentred.com