Lets talk about Stress

Two of the major causes of hair loss, thinning hair and poor hair health are stress and nutrient deficiencies. At CENTRED we are on a mission to help people reduce stress and improve nutrition.In order for hair to grow long and strong it needs to be kept in its ‘active growth’ phase for as long as possible.As stress interferes with normal hair growth, reducing stress can help avoid disturbing the hair growth cycle. Everything about the CENTRED range is designed to help reduce stress, Promote calm and balance and help people become more CENTRED.

Hair growth relies on nutrients that it is fed by the blood in order to grow healthily. If the body does not get enough of the right nutrition from diet, the hair may suffer and not grow as strong or as fast as it could do.

Our Tender Love & Hair Supplement is designed to increase nutrient absorption by the hair follicles by delivering key hair growth vitamins and minerals to the body steadily throughout the day.

  • Bamboo extract - Organic Silica found in Bamboo is a vital mineral for strong healthy hair, boosting strength, shine and suppleness.
  • Biotin - Plays a vital role in helping the body to convert nutrition, particularly Amino Acids which are the building blocks of protein and what hair is made of.
  • Organic Aloe Vera - Known for its hair growth capabilities Aloe Vera is also one of natures finest healers. Repairs skin cells in the scalp.
  • Amino Acids - Hair is made of Keratin, a protein of which Amino Acids are the building blocks and vital for the creation of keratin.
  • Zinc - vital for strengthening the immune system and is highly regarded from improving the health of hair, skin and nails.
  • Iron - Vital for the production of red blood cells. Lack of Iron can cause severe tiredness and lead to hair loss.
  • Vitamin C - A powerful Anti-Oxident known for improving the body's ability to absorb nutrients, particularly Iron. 

Our 360 degree approach to hair harmony:


Mindset - As Stress interferes with the normal hair growth pattern, its vital to reduce stress in order to improve hair health. We encourage positive thinking, with expert advice and articles on wellness and wellbeing. Improving mental health has many positive affects for improving general wellbeing and creating a calm environment for hair to flourish. This also involves getting the right amount of sleep and exercise.

Nutrition - A healthy, varied diet of whole foods is ideal for a healthy body as well as thick hair, beautiful skin and strong nails. We know it can be difficult at times to get enough nutrition through diet alone which is why we created our Tender Love & hair supplement. 

CareThe care products we use as well as how we treat our hair help to keep the hair and scalp in great condition. By keeping the hair and scalp healthy, hair can grow as long as possible.


Meet the CENTRED Collection


The CENTRED collection has been carefully created with every element designed to help reduce stress, promote healthy hair growth from the inside out whilst strengthening, repairing and protecting the hair and scalp from the outside in.


Why does stress cause hair loss? 

Our hair, skin and even our nails outwardly reflect what’s going on inside. The biochemistry in our body changes under stress and over time interferes with the normal functioning of our body. Hair growth is a process of cell rejuvenation that is disrupted when our bodies are under stress. This is emotional stress rather than physical and when we are exposed to it for long periods of time it begins to take its toll. Hair loss can be caused by many different factors, Sometimes it can be more than one so it’s important to get to the bottom of the root cause in order to treat it. We would always advise anyone concerned to seek advice from a GP to check for, and hopefully rule out any underlying health issues. A blood test can be helpful for checking levels of certain nutrients like Iron and Vitamin D as if theres a deficiency present then improvements could be made through diet changes and supplements. 

With that being said, another leading cause or hair loss is poor nutrition. We tend to think of ourselves in the West as having a 'good diet' however in order for the body to gain all the correct nutrients, minerals and vitamins necessary for normal bodily function, including hair growth, skin renewal and nail strength, a wide range of whole foods must be consumed. With a growing number of people turning to plant based diets, there has been an increase in younger people suffering from hair loss and there is a link. This is mainly due to certain key nutrients missing from people’s diets. This is where planning ahead, supplementing and creating balance to allow enough time in the day for nourishment is vitally important. Let's face it, modern life presents many obstacles that makes it difficult to always ensure our diets are as healthy as they could be. One of the simplest and easiest ways to boost nutrition is to take a supplement which is why we created our Natural, Vegan Vitamin complex, Tender Love and Hair Supplement, formulated to provide vital nutrients, minerals and amino acids for promoting healthy hair growth, boosting energy and mood whilst supporting the immune system.

How we can help you.

We are here for you if you are experiencing any kind of hair loss with support and guidance as well as our expert range of hair care, scalp care and nutritional supplements. Together we can help you find balance and become more CENTRED. It is our mission to make sustainable luxury hair care available to those who need it. We aim to be ambassadors for wellness by promoting preventative health. Encouraging self care routines to help our community on their way to hair wellness and staying committed to our values of sustainability and transparency. That's why our products are manufactured in the UK where we are based, using recycled packaging and our ingredients list (Inci) is available in our shop section with a detailed break down of exactly what is in each product and why we chose to include it for its unique purpose.


If you have any questions or want to know any more information about the range please get in touch via email hello@wearecentred.com 

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