what is centred

Where haircare and wellness collide

Welcome to CENTRED – where we turn haircare on its head. Here, It's not just daily routines; we're crafting results-driven rituals that help you melt your stresses away. Join us on a journey towards healthy hair growth from the inside out. 

Pioneers of the scalp care movement, we focus on nurturing healthy hair growth from within. Our expertly crafted formulas are designed for optimal scalp health, laying the foundation for strong, vibrant hair.


The Inside story: A journey of hair recovery and self transformation

Our Journey: Rooted in Results and Expertise
Our story is one of passion and purpose. Founded by Laura and Kieran Tudor, CENTRED emerged from Laura’s personal hair recovery experience and Kieran’s extensive hairdressing expertise. Together, they embarked on creating a line of haircare products that don’t just promise but deliver.

Our Philosophy: Seek, Nourish, Grow

At CENTRED, we live by three pillars – Seek, Nourish, Grow. They guide every decision we make, every product we craft, and every relationship we build. Welcome to a world where haircare transcends the ordinary and becomes an extraordinary journey of discovery, care, and growth."

Our Range

Potent, Proven, and Pure
From our rejuvenating En-Root Scalp Oil to our transformative hair supplements, every CENTRED product is a testament to our commitment to results. We harness the latest scientific advancements and natural botanicals to create formulas that genuinely work, ensuring your hair receives the best of both worlds.

Our Commitment: Sustainable, Vegan, Cruelty-Free
While we prioritise effectiveness, we don't compromise on our values. Our products are sustainably sourced, vegan, and cruelty-free, aligning with our ethos of mindful and conscious creation.

The Inside Out Method™

At CENTRED, we're redefining hair wellness with our Inside Out Method™ – a philosophy that marries internal vitality with external beauty. It's not just about what you put on your hair; it's about nurturing from the inside out. With a focus on essential nutrients to invigorate from within and luxurious haircare to pamper from the outside, we ensure your locks aren't just treated, but transformed. Welcome to a world where your hair reflects your overall health – radiantly, resiliently, and beautifully.


Our community of Seekers is the vibrant heartbeat of our mission. Here, every hair type and texture finds its sanctuary, and every story is valued. Our Seekers are more than customers; they're part of a universal movement, embracing hair care as an essential slice of life's wellness pie. We believe in simple acts of self-care that make a world of difference.