About Us

Self Care for your Hair. CENTRED is a range of high performing hair care, scalp care and nutrition designed to counteract the affects that stress has on your hair, body and mind. We are blurring the lines between haircare and wellness. Our hair is grown from the inside out and that is why we have targeted nutritional supplements to support hair growth from the inside and expertly formulated haircare and scalp care products nourish and protect.  

We created this range for those that feel like they’re on the brink of a burn out. Those that need to find their moments of calm. Those that need to prioritise their self care. 

For hair to thrive, it needs to be kept in its active growth phase for as long as possible, no interruptions, no interferences. Just as stress is an obstacle in our day to day lives, it is an obstacle for your hair growth cycle. Our natural, vegan and cruelty free range is created to help restore balance to the chaotic clamour of life. We combine our natural haircare and nutrition products with straight talking and supportive advice to take a holistic inside out and outside in approach to haircare. We want to turn the everyday ritual of washing your hair into an act of self care that brings you into a more CENTRED state of mind.

A great place to start is our Hero products: Our En-Root Scalp Treatment, we call it 'Skincare for your Scalp' and our Tender Love and Hair Supplement which is formulated specifically to help support a busy lifestyle and help reduce stress all while maximising hair growth potential.


CENTRED - Laura Tudor - Kieran Tudor

Our founders Laura and Kieran

Meet our founders: 

Laura Tudor - Founder and CEO

Stressed, anxious and overwhelmed? We all know the feeling.
After working in the fashion industry for 10 years I was exhausted, I’d put so much pressure on myself I was burning out. In 2017 after a few particularly stressful months I experienced first hand the physical effects of stress on my body. My hair had started to dramatically fall out. Married to award winning hair stylist Kieran Tudor we started to research the causes and natural products to help me but I really struggled to find what I wanted and I found the information available very confusing and misleading. I was looking for natural, vegan and cruelty free hair products but really struggled to find products that ticked all the boxes. The product range I have developed has enabled me to regrow my hair and now it’s healthier stronger and longer that it has ever been before. Through CENTRED I am on a mission to help others achieve the same.

Kieran Tudor - Co-Founder and Creative Director

Throughout my 16 years of hairdressing I’ve rarely found women or men who are 100% happy with their hair, we always want what we haven’t got. I have also seen time after time the damaging affects stress can have on hair. It’s our mission at CENTRED to change perceptions, by offering straight talking, honest advice to help those on their journey to hair wellness. My approach to hair health is that prevention is better than cure, that’s why it’s important to take care of our hair correctly to keep it in its best condition. We have designed the CENTRED range to restore balance to your hair care routine with every detail carefully considered. Working alongside Laura in developing this range has given me a greater understanding of hair health. I’m excited to share this knowledge with my clients and our community through our social channels with regular tips, insights and tutorials. My hero product is our ‘En-Root’ Scalp Detoxifying Treatment formulated to restore balance to the scalp and stimulate the hair follicles to create the perfect base to grow healthy hair.