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How I transformed my hair, regained my confidence and found my Centred.

How I recovered and regrew my hair

CENTRED founder Laura Tudor

In 2017, I called it quits on my fashion career, but the cost was more than just a change in job title. It was a year marked by intense stress, a relentless pursuit of success that led me head-on into burnout. This wasn't your everyday work fatigue; it was a profound realisation that my relentless drive, fuelled by a belief in self-sacrifice for success, was taking a toll. My health, and notably my hair, bore the brunt of this realisation. Suddenly, a third of my hair was gone, not to a trendy new cut, but to stress.

GP's don't take hair loss seriously 

Approaching my GP for help, I hoped for a solution, only to be met with a casual dismissal - this, I was told, was 'normal'. But when your own hair stages a dramatic exit, normality is the last thing on your mind. Pharmaceuticals were suggested, but their side effects loomed large, a gamble I wasn't willing to take. I yearned for a gentler, more natural approach, one that didn't add to the list of my body's grievances.

How to regrow hair

This period of loss marked the beginning of a deeper journey. It wasn't just about hair recovery; it was about self-discovery and self-care. I embarked on a holistic path, exploring not just external treatments but internal healing. With Kieran, my husband and an award-winning hairstylist by my side, we combined his expertise with my newfound commitment to wellness. Together, we navigated through a sea of products, supplements, and lifestyle changes.

A journey of being CENTRED.

Our journey was transformative, not just for my hair, which slowly but surely regained its vigour, but for me as a person. This path led us to create CENTRED, born out of a belief that hair care is intrinsically linked to self-care. Our Inside Out Method™ reflects this philosophy – a testament to our experience and a beacon for those embarking on their own hair and wellness journey.

So here’s the proof – two photos, 18 months apart. The first, a snapshot of my journey’s early days, with fuller roots but still-thin ends. The second? A testament to our method – my hair, thriving from root to tip.

why is my hair falling out

My story is a reminder that sometimes, in losing something, we find ourselves, and in my case, a new mission to help others find their path to hair wellness and self-care.

My top 5 pieces of advice for recovering your hair

  1. Supplement Superpowers: Think of supplements as your hair’s personal cheerleading squad. They ensure your locks get all the vitamins and minerals they need, especially when stress tries to play the villain. Remember, your hair might be at the end of the nutrient line, but with a little supplemental help, it doesn’t have to starve! Take a look at our science-backed and trichologist approved hair growth supplements

  2. Scalp TLC with Treatments: Picture your scalp as the soil for your hair garden. Just as you wouldn't neglect a budding plant, don't ignore your scalp. Use regular scalp treatments to balance things out up there. It’s like giving your hair roots a spa day, every day. Shop our award winning En-Root Scalp Oil.

  3. Massage Magic: Regular head massages are like pep talks for your follicles. They boost blood flow, bringing nutrients and encouragement right to the hair roots. Plus, infuse some nourishing oils into the mix and voila – relaxation meets revitalisation with a touch of aromatherapy too! Here's our scalp ritual bundle.

  4. Consistency is Your Co-Star: In the drama that is hair recovery, consistency plays a leading role. Stick to a hair care routine like it’s your favourite series. You will see results over time especially when starting a hair growth supplement protocol. Stick with it for at least 3 months and keep up with the scalp treatments and head massage. Don’t forget, a balanced diet and stress-busting activities are the supporting cast for gorgeous hair growth.

  5. Shampoo & Conditioner: The Dynamic Duo: Investing in a high-quality shampoo and conditioner is like choosing the perfect outfit for your hair. Go for gentle, sulphate-free options. They create the perfect environment for your hair to thrive, ensuring every strand is runway-ready. Browse our Shampoo & conditioner bundles here.

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