16 best eco-friendly shampoo bars for a more sustainable hair washing routine

This solid shampoo bar is invigorating hair follicles and promote growth (thanks to the caffeine), while also calming the scalp with aloe vera and organic flower waters.

Scalp care is finally getting the attention it deserves after trending on TikTok

En-Root scalp oil, which is like a facial for your scalp.

Trust me – These Are the 22 Best Products for a Dry, Itchy Scalp

This scalp treatment has a blend of the best ingredients for maintaining a healthy scalp. This oil emulsifies into a cream when met with water making it easy to rinse out.

The best detangling sprays for snag-free brushing

The Centred Detangling Primer uses all-natural ingredients, is silicone-free (which can cause unwanted product build-up) and is 100% vegan friendly.

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The next trend you need to know about is Plastic negative hair & beauty!

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Unwind's vegan formula contains great UV protection to keep your hair protected during the day as well as providing the extra moisture it needs.

Scalp Massagers To Promote Hair Growth

The Signature Scalp Massager will help to increase blood circulation, exfoliate, stimulate your hair follicles, and help you relax.

Best in Beauty: April

Laura and Kieran Tudor founded scalp-centric hair brand Centred. by combining her experience with hair loss and his experience as an award-winning hairstylist. The result is a meticulously researched range that immediately feels trustworthy and leaves your scalp feeling unrecognisably healthy.

The best men’s shampoo for thicker, fuller hair

Using a coconut-derived cleansing agent and with a citrus-fresh scent, it offers an uplifting and sensorial sensation whilst protecting the scalp and hair’s natural lipid layer.

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The Detangling Hair Primer, smells like a summer holiday and makes hair silky with vitamin E and shine-enhancing glycerin.

The vegan haircare brands to have on your radar in 2022

There are supplements and scalp treatments; containing skincare ingredients like salicylic acid and tea tree to exfoliate a dry flakey scalp; and a calming shampoo which is designed to soothe an inflamed scalp.

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The latest beauty ingestibles contain follicle-strengthening vitamins and minerals, such as silica, biotin and zinc, but also target the rising stress levels associated with hair loss.

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Scalp health has a profound influence on hair growth. The scalp oil scalp masks are fantastic.

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This oil is able to stimulate growth via its potent botanical extracts to create a healthy environment for hair tresses to flourish. No wonder they call it 'a facial for your scalp'

The best shampoo bars for an eco-conscious shower regime

An excellent everyday shampoo that will nourish and moisturise, as well as strengthen your lengths. There are approximately 60 washes in one bar.

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The best shampoo bar that cleans hair without stripping, smell divine and have less packaging.

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You’ll notice it feels fuller, bouncier and softer to touch.

A Comprehensive Guide To Supplements

These vegan capsules offer up a whole host of nourishing ingredients (think bamboo extract, Vitamin E, Iron and Vitamin B6 to name just a few) and are well worth working into your daily routine, especially if you find yourself relating to founder Laura's story.