Does bamboo extract really help hair growth?


With so many products on the market promoting everything from the perfect head of hair to faster growing nails, a gleaming smile, and flawless skin after justa few uses, it’s fair to say that the hair and beauty market is saturated with options. What this means is that cutting through the marketing and focussing on the effectiveness of the core ingredients is more important than ever to customers – and that’s exactly what this article is designed to do.

Putting a spotlight on bamboo extract, as found in our Tender Love and Hair supplements, this blog answers some of the most commonly asked questions that we hear from customers and clients – giving you a deep dive into how bamboo extract works and the kind of results you can expect to see. But first, how is bamboo extracted and used in our products? 

How is bamboo extract sourced and used in the beauty and haircare industry?

Bamboo extract is derived from the leaves and the stalk of the bamboo plant, and though it can sometimes be ingested direct from the plant, in most cases it is easier and safer to absorb the optimum levels of bamboo through supplements like our Tender Love and Hair range.

With that said, what are the benefits of this wonder mineral and what kind of impact can it have on your hair?

Will bamboo extract make my hair grow quicker?

There aren’t many of us – men and women included – who don’t wish our hair would grow a little faster. Luckily, bamboo extract has our back.

Bamboo extract helps to promote hair growth thanks to its natural levels of silica; something that we explore in the next section of this article. In addition to its high silica levels, bamboo extract promotes blood flow to your scalp which leads to thicker hair, while offering a natural cleanser at the same time – stripping away the nasties and leaving your hair free to grow.

Is bamboo good for thinning hair?

Have you ever noticed how young people seem to benefit from effortlessly thick and luscious hair? This is because their bodies are full of silica which promotes bone growth and keeps the hair looking and feeling thick and bouncy. We can not overstate the value of silica in nurturing healthy skin, hair, nails, and virtually everything else – which makes the next sentence feel all the more unfair.

Because over time, the levels of silica in the body naturally decrease – causing us to suffer from looser skin, fine lines, wrinkles, and thinning and brittle hair.

That is, until you try bamboo. Considered a highly potent solution, bamboo extract is made up of more than 70% silica which makes it the richest natural source of this mineral that you can get – refilling your body’s silica levels and promoting that thick, silky hair that you left behind in your youth. 

Will bamboo extract help thicken my hair?

Now that you know how effective bamboo extract is for hair growth, what effect does it have on the thickness of your hair? In short, bamboo extract boosts the flow of blood to your scalp which promotes thicker and faster growth, while also retaining moisture and stripping the hair roots of dead skin cells and pollutant build up.

But how much product do you need to really make a difference?

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How much bamboo extract do I need to promote my hair growth?

We’ve made bamboo extract as easy as possible to add to your daily routine, helping maximise its benefits, via two capsules per day. You can expect to see benefits in as soon as a couple of weeks, with customers advised that the silica naturally found in bamboo can take a few weeks to be fully absorbed by the body, as anything to do with the hair growth cycle, it takes a little time.

Nonetheless, one the results start to show, they won’t stop.

Is bamboo extract better than horsetail?

One of the main things that makes bamboo extract better than horsetail is the high levels of silica which can be found in bamboo. While horsetail boasts fairly high levels, it can’t really compare with those found in the superfood which is bamboo – meaning that not only is hair thicker and faster growing, but it is also much stronger and more resilient to styling.

Does bamboo boost collagen?

You’ve probably heard of collagen in relation to skincare, but did you know that itplays an important role in the health and presentation of your hair as well? A structural protein which helps to keep the hair strong and prevent split ends and other damage, collagen levels are boosted when the body’s levels of silica are high – which instantly tells us that yes, bamboo extract is very good for collagen!

How long does it take for bamboo extract to work?

Under the right dosage, you should start to see results after around two weeks, when the silica has been absorbed and your body’s levels have been topped up and have started to take effect. It’s important to continue taking your supplements during this time even before you can see direct results, in order to optimise the flow of silica.

What is the fastest hair growth remedy?

Finally, to the question that we get asked on an almost daily basis. What is the fastest hair growth remedy, and is there one product that we recommend as the best investment for hair health and growth?Well, yes – and it’s this one. We cannot champion bamboo extract enough when it comes to boosting those silica levels, with silica the number one mineral required to kickstart your hair growth and keep every lock as thick and luscious as possible.