Breaking Menopausal Hair Loss Taboos

Breaking Menopausal Hair Loss Taboos

Stigmatised as the “beginning of the end”. A recent survey by Parliamentary Committee found that 1 in 3 women miss work due to menopause symptoms and most women don’t even tell anyone at work they’re going through menopause despite knowing it affects how they feel at work. 
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 Menopause has been one of those taboo, undiscussed and in some cultures ‘forbidden’ topics. Stigmatised as the “beginning of the end”. A recent survey by Parliamentary Committee found that 1 in 3 women miss work due to menopause symptoms and most women don’t even tell anyone at work they’re going through menopause despite knowing it affects how they feel at work. More so, 1 in 10 women leave work altogether. What’s worse is that these are just a few of the shocking statistics we’ve found. Luckily, we’ve recently been seeing more coverage in the news and awareness on social media about the effects of Menopause. But It can be challenging to recognise symptoms as every woman experiences it differently.

So, what is Menopause? By dictionary definition: The Menopause marks the end of a woman’s menstrual cycle and is no longer able to get pregnant. But we know that Menopause is more than that. More than hot flushes, more than brain fog, more than hair loss. It isn’t merely the physical symptoms; it’s how it makes you feel. Hair loss can trigger the feeling of loss of control. It’s also about the emotional impact caused by these symptoms which are broadly undiscussed and undermined.

We believe that women can change the world. We know when your hair looks good, you feel good and when you feel good, you can do whatever you set your mind to. Our hair forms much of our identity whether we have hair or not. It is an expression of ourselves, our individuality and our appearance. Hair loss can make us feel less in control, knock our confidence and this can affect our self-esteem. Last week, Davina blew our minds with her Documentary on “Sex, Myths and Menopause” reporting that 1 in 10 women leave the workplace due to the symptoms of Menopause. One of those symptoms is hair loss. Reports also show 52.2%* of women experience some form of hair thinning during menopause, a condition called female pattern hair loss. Low self-esteem was found in 60% of participants and increased with severity of hair loss.  

Our biggest take from Davina’s documentary was the importance of supporting our body during perimenopause. This can have a huge contributing factor to help regulate severe symptoms later on. Alongside medical treatments for Menopause, it’s important to feed your body with all the necessary nutrients to ease the symptoms. To feel in charge of your hair growth cycle again. Meet J.D.C.I.M (Just Don't Call It Menopause). Our Tri-Adaptogen complex formula comprising of Ashwagandha, Bamboo and Aloe Vera help balance fluctuating hormone levels and support hair growth. This combined with B-Vitamins, Maca and Folate that help promote healthier, shinier and stronger hair.

“Our vision with J.D.C.I.M is to support all women through this transitional stage. With a goal to de-stigmatize Menopause and call out and address these debilitating symptoms that women often suffer with in silence. After witnessing the symptoms that made my mother-in-law feel helpless, unaware of the cause of sudden hair thinning, I wanted to create a supplement to help women like her. The worst feeling from personal experience also, is when you’re in need of help and there’s little to none for you on the market. During this process I spoke to several women and they all shared the same worries, and that’s when I made it my mission,” shares CENTRED founder Laura Tudor.

It's important to talk to your loved ones. It can be overwhelming to open up at first but, talking to someone you confide in is a good place to start. We're so happy to announce that we have launched a community on Facebook to support women going through Perimenopause and Menopause. A safe space to connect with other women who can relate. Whether it's to support you or support you to support someone you know. 


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