Proud to announce we are now Plastic Negative

Proud to announce we are now Plastic Negative

Plastic waste is simply a resource in the wrong hands 

Every year, we’re seeing more companies frantically showing that they’re trying to be responsible about the use of plastic – or even eliminating it altogether from their products. Sounds great, right? But what if I told you that plastic isn’t this ‘sinful material’ after all? It is an incredible material, it's lightweight, incredibly durable and easy to use, but it's currently got a very bad wrap. 

It kind of all comes down to us. I say ‘kind of’ because there are, of course, other factors that affect waste management but, I’m here to tell you how our actions play a huge part. What you decide to do with your empties matters. Empty plastic takeaway boxes, shampoo bottles and that ramen packet. There are so many different kinds of plastics: high density poly ethylene (HDPE), Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), Polyproplidoodle (PLD) – Okay, I made that one up but, there are just so many and the list just goes on. Some more straightforward than others to recycle and reuse and some… not so much.

Some plastics like milk bottles (HDPE), all of our CENTRED (RPET) empty bottles, and fruit trays (PET) are easiest to recycle so you can drop them straight in your recycling bin *chef’s kiss*. Easy peasy. On the flipside, plastics such as crisp packets are trickier (MRP). They’re a sort of mix-masala, cocktail of different materials such as plastic and foil (metallised plastic) that require added steps to be properly recycled. Unfortunately, we cannot readily recycle these so, these go straight into your rubbish bin, a completely wasted resource, we are literally throwing money in the bin.

How are we putting a stop to this! 

CENTRED around sustainability x Project Pavitra Parvat

We are so excited to announce that we have put our money where our mouth is and have joined forces with sustainability partner RePurpose Global. We couldn't be prouder that all of our products are now certified PLASTIC NEGATIVE. 

This means for every bottle sold we take 10 x the amount of plastic out of the environment.

At CENTRED, we believe in a circular economy. We believe plastic isn’t inherently bad - its the way we use it. It is not the mere existence of plastic – it’s plastic polluting our environment as a result of poor waste management. The sooner we acknowledge how valuable our waste is, the quicker we’ll have greater urge to solve our waste troubles. There are countless reasons why recycling and proper waste management are beneficial to us: recycling preserves precious natural resources, causes far less harm to animals and creates jobs.

Project Pavitra Parvat

We are working direct with an impact project in Dehradhun, India. Project Pavitra Parvat The city of Dehradun is housed at the foothills of the great Himalayan mountain ranges. Over the last few decades, its pristine environment has been devastated by rampant plastic pollution, affecting the Himalayan ecosystem and contaminating ravines and valleys. This Impact Project is a huge effort to stop landfill-bound plastic waste from polluting the areas in the capital city of India's Uttarakhand state and to restore its natural environment to the peaceful, pure state it was once in. In partnership with Waste Warriors India, one of India's most trusted waste management enterprises, rePurpose are working to ensure that waste workers receive a liveable wage for recovering waste from the environment. 

Through repurpose we now support a group female waste pickers make sure that they are given a fair living wage. We can see the direct impact of our support with both the female workers and the environment around them. 

Our mission is to leave our planet better than we found it and working with RePurpose is one of the ways we are trying to do that. 

Want to hear more? Get intouch with our community manager Ronaq at or follow us over on instagram @wearecentred. 

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