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Roots to Tips Bundle - CENTRED.®
Roots to Tips Bundle
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Full Wellness Bundle - CENTRED.®
Fuller hair recovery routine
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What is the best primer for knotty hair?

Our Unwind Detangling Primer is the best way to naturally ease out tangles. Formulated with Glycerin and Pathenol for adding slip to hair whilst locking in moisture and helping to protect hair whilst styling. 

How to protect my hair from heat styling?

Apply a spritz of our Unwind Primer to damp hair before heat styling as it helps to shield hair from heat damage by closing the hair strands cutcile layer. 

How to make my hair shiny 

Keeping hair healthy and avoiding damage is the best way to promote shiny hair. Using a hair primer will help to keep your hair moisturized whilst shielding it from environmental factors such as heat, pollution and the suns rays

Does the Sun damage hair?

UV rays can have a bleaching effect on hair, causing dehydration and damage. Protect your hair from sun damage with our Unwind Detangling Primer containing Vitamin E which helps to shield the hair from sun damage naturally 

Is it suitable for coloured hair?

Our Unwind Primer is ideal for colour treated hair and can help to lengthen the life of colour by protecting hair from colour fade.

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