What is Postpartum hair loss?

Many new mums experience noticeable hair loss after having a baby. Although this type of hair loss is temporary, it can be distressing at a time when emotions are already heightened. As opposed to hair loss, this is excess hair shedding that usually occurs around 3-6 months post birth. An interesting fact about hair and pregnancy is that during pregnancy, hair can appear thicker and fuller. This is not due to more hair but rather that hormonal interference causing the normal turnover of hair to temporarily stop, so hair stops shedding during pregnancy full stop meaning you have a denser volume of hair until after the birth when the cycle kicks in again causing all the hair that would have shed over the previous 9 months to shed suddenly.
This is also compounded by the stress the body can be under during a birth, which can also cause many hair strands to suddenly enter the resting and shedding phase.

What to do about Postpartum hair loss -

Whilst the degree of hair loss new mums experience will vary from person to person, a certain amount is almost inevitable. You can however limit the amount of hair that sheds as well as help it to bounce back quicker with our hair recovery solution found in our hair growth heroes bundle. One of the reasons for this is that during pregnancy, expecting mothers can be more susceptible to Biotin deficiency. Biotin plays a vital role in hair growth so taking supplements containing Biotin like our Tender Love & Hair will help you to avoid a dip that could result in unnecessary hair loss. 

How does CENTRED help with Postpartum hair loss?

Keeping the body fed with targeted hair growth vitamins is one of the best ways to support healthy hair growth and can help you to recover your hair postpartum. Our Tender Love & Hair contains a science backed blend of vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts and amino acids that are shown to be responsible for the growth of strong, healthy hair whilst also supporting the body by regulating energy levels and strengthening the immune system.

Regular scalp massage using our En-Root Scalp Oil will not only improve the quality and condition of your scalp, the flower bed of your hair, but also your hair as well as hair growth rate. This is down to nourishing hair follicles with increased nutrient rich blood flow.

When should I expect to see results?

I am sure you don’t need us to tell you that being a new mum can be a tough time. Lack of sleep along with fluctuating hormones can cause excess stress on the mind and body. It is a time to try to be kind to yourself and have an anchor of self-care. Our mission, is to help with just that, giving you the ability to turn every day hair care in to self care rituals that help you feel CENTRED. One thing to consider is that postpartum hair loss is temporary Hair growth is a steady process 

7 Tips for Maximising Hair Growth 

Nothing about Haircare is one size fits all so if you have any further questions don't hesitate to contact us at hello@wearecentred.com