Stressed, anxious or worried about hair loss? We are here to help.

Developed by expert stylists, our range of hair growth vitamins, scalp treatment and hair care is designed to help reduce stress, promote healthy hair growth from the inside out and strengthen, repair and protect hair from the outside in.

Discover CENTRED, conscious hair care.

●  Natural - High performance, premium plant based ingredients.
●  Sustainable - Recycled packaging. We believe in a circular economy.
●  Vegan - Proudly registered with the Vegan Society.
●  Made in the UK - Low Carbon emissions.
●  Cruelty Free - Never tested on animals.
●  Giving back - We donate 10% of our net profits to Friends of the Earth.
    Our products are designed to improve the health and condition of the hair and scalp, starting with Self Care and Wellness as we believe that 'Great Hair, starts with Self Care'.
    As hair starts its journey from within, we designed our range to support the body by delivering key hair boosting nutrition to the hair follicles. Stress can cause the normal hair growth cycle to end prematurely so we encourage self care rituals along with our expert care products to help you feel calm, balanced and more CENTRED. Healthy mind and Body = Healthy Hair.


    Take a look at the beauty boosting hair vitamins within our Tender Love & Hair: 

    • Bamboo extract - Organic Silica found in Bamboo is a vital mineral for strong healthy hair, boosting strength, shine and suppleness.
    • Biotin - Plays a vital role in helping the body to convert nutrition, particularly Amino Acids which are the building blocks of protein and what hair is made of.
    • Organic Aloe Vera - Known for its hair growth capabilities Aloe Vera is also one of natures finest healers. Repairs skin cells in the scalp.
    • Amino Acids - Hair is made of Keratin, a protein of which Amino Acids are the building blocks and vital for the creation of keratin.

    In order to fully recover hair health, it is vital to discover what is causing the problem in the first place otherwise you will only be masking the symptoms. For instance if the cause of thinning hair is down to long term emotional stress or anxiety, then taking steps to reduce stress and improve general wellbeing is the first step in slowing down and stopping the hair from thinning. The next step is to focus on rebuilding the strength of the hair that is left and begin nourishing the body in order to grow healthy new hair with healthy diet, hydration and an intensive course of hair growth vitamins. We recommend taking 2 capsules a day of our supplement for a minimum of 3-6 months in order to see maximum results. You can learn more about the hair growth cycle and how to maximise growth potential here.

    Another cause for poor hair health could be excessive heat damage, in which case the first step should be to minimise further damage. Reducing heat and mechanical damage and using hair care products designed to rebuild and strengthen the hair structure. Here is our guide for 'How to detox your hair'

    If you have any concerns about your hair health we would love to help. We have Award winning, expert hair stylist Kieran Tudor on hand for any hair advice.

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