How to detox your hair in isolation

How to detox your hair in isolation

So we’re in isolation, well most of us are anyway! In this blog post I discuss why now is the ideal time to give your hair a break. Read on to find out how to detox your hair in isolation. 
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Ultimate Hair and Scalp Detox Guide

So we’re in isolation, well most of us are anyway!
In this blog post I discuss why now is the ideal time to give your hair a break. Read on to find out how to detox your hair in isolation. 

There has been a sense of community that I feel has been a big positive about the situation we're in. Yes we've been told to stay inside and that’s because there is a greater cause that collectively we need to take part in, so that we support and protect each other and the vulnerable in our society, along with our vital NHS service. I'm proud that the vast majority of us have stuck to the government guidelines, and I'm feeling optimistic about the new connections we are all making since being in isolation. Hopefully, going through this will bring us all closer together and more aligned going forward.

A change of perspective

What I think this time says to me, is that we should try to shift our perspective of our normal beauty standards for a short while.
“But what about my greys” I can hear you saying? I do understand.
I can imagine at this time some people may be feeling down as they are not able to uphold their normal beauty routine, whether that is being able to get our roots done, our lashes, tans, nails, whatever it may be that constitutes the image that we want to present ourselves but more importantly, what makes us feel confident and good!
However, I would suggest that this is a great time to not only give our hair, skin and nails a breather, and a detox from all the normal stresses we put them under, but is also a great time to be curious and creative with our look, and overall appearance.

CENTRED are here to help guide you through your hair detox.

Its a great time to play around with new techniques, hair accessories, head bands, bandanas. Get creative and have fun! There's loads of amazing tutorials on YouTube and I will also be starting to create some How To content very soon so if there are any specific areas you would like to see me doing then drop me a line at follow me on Instagram @kierantudorhair and stay tuned on my hair channel Kieran Tudor Hair 
For guys, why not try growing your hair out for a change, same for women, it’s a great opportunity to grow a fringe out or really try and get your length longer.
There’s of course some maintenance tricks we can all do for various aspects of our beauty routine however some things we rely on professionals for, we simply can’t do ourselves, and we may try and do them and it becoming a worse situation than we started with!
There’s a lot of expectation in my industry (hairdressing) of how we can help our clients at home, and my take on it is exactly what I’ve been saying so far. Manage and maintain the things we can do, and leave the things we can’t until we can get back to the salon!

We want you to feel good!

I do realise that it’s important for people to feel good about themselves, and thats where I want to make the emphasis about shifting the focus from “oh I look crap” to “I’m doing something good for myself and others, and I’m only going to focus my attention on the things I can do something about”
My best advice is to use this time to give your hair and scalp a detox. Here's our 7 top tips for giving your hair and scalp a Detox.

CENTRED Top 7 tips for hair detox

  1. Lay off the hot tools, or use the time to research ways you can style your hair better. Wether that’s watching tutorials on how to blow dry your hair better or learn ways of styling your hair without heat. Now is the ideal time whilst we have extra time on our hands.
  2. Use a deep conditioning hair masque regularly, once or twice a week depending on your hair condition. Our Daily Calma Conditioner is deeply restorative and can be used as a masque if left on. A super top tip is to add a hair oil, our En-Root Scalp Treatment is also a rich hair oil. Add a couple of drops of oil in to the conditioner to create an intensive moisture treatment.
  3. For grey roots, this is a big one! I know the temptation might be to put a box dye on but consider if it’s really worth it as box dyes can have very Matte finish, and be very costly to rectify when you can finally get back to the salon. There is some great advice on all things home hair colouring via Josh Wood Colour. My best tip for this time is to manage the regrowth of the hair only, you can do this with root concealers, so if you want to hide the roots on your parting and just the ones that are visible ready for zoom meetings then this can be an inexpensive way of managing the greys until you can get back to see your colourist.
  4. I have a great tip for helping with hard water. By doing an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse once a month you can help remove mineral, and product build up from hard water. Dilute Apple Cider Vinegar in water and poor over hair pre washing and conditioning.
  5. Use our En-Root scalp detoxifying treatment once a week. This will not only nourish the scalp and promote hair growth, especially if applied with scalp massage, but will also remove dead skin build up from the scalp which normally clogs up over time and can lead to scalp issues.
  6. Be mindful of the products you are using on your hair. Harsh sulphates found in everyday shampoos can strip the hair and scalp of its natural moisture. Our Daily Calma Shampoo is completely Sulphate Free. Our Coconut derived cleanser protects the hairs natural lipid layer, gently cleansing hair whilst strengthening, protecting and locking in moisture. For more on this see our 'Why you should swap your regular shampoo for sulphate free' blog post.
  7. Something I have been doing is keeping a track of my water intake, I’m working in pints and jotting down every time I’ve drank one, aiming for 7 each day which is 4 litres of water. By getting the right hydration we can ensure that our bodies function correctly, this will have a positive affect on our hair, skin and nails. (Its the only pints I'm getting whilst the pubs are shut)

I think it’s a balancing act between feeling good about how we look and managing our expectations of the things we can not control. Our greys are a part of nature, and whilst not much can be done about them why not embrace them.

With a shift in women embracing their grey hair, this could be a good time to start the process. If you are regularly tinting hair, the normal process in transitioning to grey hair is to start by getting a root and letting the ends begin to fade a little so that your colourist can we’ve lighter pieces through the ends as you begin blending the regrowth line rather than completely colouring it.

I hope this is useful, ultimately it involves some patience and a shift in perspective.
The main message is to embrace this time with open arms rather than resist against it.

Any questions please drop us a line and we would be happy to help.

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