A guide for improving wellness

A guide for improving wellness

There's a lot of talk about positivity and how staying positive is important so in this blog I want to explore why, exactly, it is important for our health that we try to remain positive. Especially in times of adversity like we are currently facing. 

The Power of thoughts and positivity.

There's a lot of talk about positivity and how staying positive is important so in this blog I want to explore why, exactly, it is important for our health that we try to remain positive. Especially in times of adversity like we are currently facing. So I hope you find this guide for improving wellness helpful.

I thought I would start this blog post with a video of Cellular Biologist Dr Bruce Lipton explaining the power of thoughts and the affect on our genes - 

I think its fair to say that its not an easy thing to just suddenly 'be positive' especially if you are prone to negative thinking or struggle with anxiety. It is however a good thing to be aware of what is happening to our cells when we are in  a negative place as this awareness can help us shift to a more positive mindset. Our main goal as a brand is to spread awareness of how stress can affect our hair, causing it to weaken and thin. By taking control of our thoughts we can shift to a more positive mindset and reduce stress, improving our hairs health too!

There are loads more amazing videos by bruce explaining how our brains are programmed from our childhood and our experiences from that time form our subconscious mind which tends to control 95% of our actions! The good news is that we can re wire that programming so we can break free from negative thinking and become more positive, and the benefits of changing our perceptions can be huge for finding improving wellness.

What is Wellness?

The Global Wellness Institute, a non profit organisation on a mission to 'Empower Wellness Worldwide'  defines wellness as  - 

The active pursuit of activities, choices and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health.

The GWI is a great source for gaining a deeper understanding of wellness and theres some amazing articles, research and information on their website discussing everything from the history of wellness to the impact of wellness on economy.

According to them, Wellness is multidimensional, and its about harmonising the different branches of wellness to achieve a sweet spot for healthy mind and body.

Those branches are: 

  • Physical: A healthy body through exercise, nutrition, sleep, etc.
  • Mental: Engagement with the world through learning, problem-solving, creativity, etc.
  • Emotional: Being in touch with, aware of, accepting of, and able to express one’s feelings (and those of others).
  • Spiritual: Our search for meaning and purpose in human existence.
  • Social: Connecting with, interacting with, and contributing to other people and our communities.
  • Environmental: A healthy physical environment free of hazards; awareness of the role we play in bettering rather than denigrating the natural environment.

We love this description of wellness. At the core to everything we are doing at CENTRED is spreading awareness of the importance of wellbeing for health and wellness. From our brand message and products through to our working environment and opportunities as we grow for our team and workforce. 

What can I do to Improve wellness?

One of our main brand messages is 'Great Hair Starts With Self Care' we want to get more people putting an emphasis on 'Self Care'. Through everyday rituals like our hair care routine, we aim bring about more wellness.

The way we are encouraging this is by showing people how they can turn an everyday activity like hair washing, in to an opportunity for expanding awareness. By devoting that time specifically as 'Self Care' deepening the breath and 'being present, we hope people can find more calm, reduce stress and feel more CENTRED in their everyday lives.

If we set an intention of health and wellbeing for ourselves we can start to implement changes to our lives that will help us achieve that goal. 

In contrast, if we are in a negative thought pattern by being hard on ourselves and thinking we are not good enough, we not only feedback those negative signals to the cells in our body, but we probably make worse choices for ourself and life decisions that echo our thinking. This as we know results in us not taking care our selves.

Of course there are all kinds of products 'out there' that can help but ultimately this involves to some degree, 'looking within'.  The most immediate changes that can be made and implemented are Mindset and Nutrition


Even if you are not totally in to the spirituality side of things I’m sure we can all agree on one universal principal, Energy! At the end of the day, science tells us that we are fundamentally all made up of energy, (and everything else in the universe is too I might add) so that seems like a good place to start!

I think achieving wellness is a goal you never fully reach, its more something to constantly orientate your life towards, making changes here and there to suit your individual needs. Looking at what the GWI define as wellness and using that as a guide can help us look at the areas of our lives we can make improvements.

Below, we have put together some simple, practical and actionable tips for improving overall wellness.



 I hope you find some useful tips in this article, in summary we want to help as many people as we can find balance in their lives. We are all on this journey together and we want to learn as much as we aim to inspire! We would love you to get in touch and tell us about how you take care of your health and wellbeing. Shout to us on social @wearecentred or drop us a line - hello@wearecentred.com

One last thought, 

If we set an intention of wellness for our selves we will make better life decisions and choices for our self with our health in mind and over time will move towards Better over all health and wellbeing

By learning to let go of the things we cant control and focusing on the things we can we begin to break free of negative thinking.

"The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it" Ekhart Tolle










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