Why does great hair starts with self care?

What do we mean by great hair starts with self care?

 What do we mean by “great hair starts with self care”? 

Self care, It’s a phrase thrown around a lot these days, so in this blog we want to delve in to what it means to us and what we mean we we say Great Hair Starts With Self Care. 

Self care is any action we make with a deliberate intention of looking after our physical, mental and emotional health. 

We are all guilty of not practicing it as often as we could, choosing work, material possessions and other people before ourselves. The simple act of choosing to do something good for ourselves can have huge benefits. 

Starting each day with an intention of self care will mean you make positive choices to benefit your heath and wellbeing, even emotional manifestation can be extremely positive, raising the vibrational frequency of each cell in your body. 

Do this and be open to positive changes in your life. 

We have noticed in our lives that since applying this’d we are less likely to make poor decisions for ourselves that lead to a negative impact on our health and wellbeing. Whether it’s choosing to eat nutritious foods, increase how much water we’re drinking and considering carefully the products and subsequent chemicals that we consume and use on ourselves. 

And so to hair. First of all, if stress is affecting your hair health, the simple act of practicing self care will start to reduce stress levels which will help hair recover. 
Secondly, having more awareness of the strain we out our hair through and the quality of the products we use to care for it will mean we are more cautious and considerate when making choices. 
Our entire range is designed to take care of our hair health from the inside out. 
What do we mean by great hair starts with self care?
Our Tender Love and Hair supplement is formulated to boost the bodies immunity and energy levels as well as providing key nutrients minerals and vitamins that are know to help promote hair growth, we hope it’s also a daily reminder to take care , pause and take a breath and remember to appreciate life. 

“To us Self Care is a philosophy of taking care of the self and putting your best interests first.”

Natural, Vegan and Cruelty Free sustainable haircare.

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