How's your scalp health?

How's your scalp health? - CENTRED

How's your scalp health?

Here at CENTRED we know how important it is to look after your scalp. It is the base from which we grow our hair. Poor scalp condition can affect the strength and quality of our hair.
The scalp is often overlooked yet it is an extension of our skin.  It may be hidden by our hair but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take care of it the same way we look after our skin on our face and body.
Imagine your scalp is a flower bed, without well nourished soil beautiful flowers wont grow. 
Many different scalp conditions can flare up from time to time, it can be down to stress, product build up or even the shampoo you are using. 
A great way to get your scalp healthy and in perfect condition for growing strong, beautiful hair is to use a detoxifying scalp treatment such as our 'En-Root' scalp treatment.  
Hows your scalp heath - CENTRED
We would recommend to use our detoxifying scalp treatment once or twice a week to remove dead skin and product build up, which will in promote hair growth. 
The luxurious blend of essential oils combined with calming aloe vera will deeply restore moisture levels whilst stimulating the hair follicles to encourage hair growth and hair retention.
Tea tree oil has amazing anti fungal and anti septic properties, it’s in our formulation as it helps to keep the scalp in good condition by preventing fungal growth that can lead to dandruff.
Apply the oil directly to the scalp in sections before massaging with the finger tips. Massaging increases blood flow to the scalp which will also promote hair growth whilst relieving tension and relaxing the nervous system. 
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Leave on the scalp for between 20 minutes up to 2 hours before rinsing with water and following your regular hair cleansing and conditioning routine.
A perfect way to unwind and give your scalp some love and attention, why not build it in to your self care Sunday?
It’s also important to make sure your shampoo isn’t causing more problems.
We believe it’s really important to invest in high quality shampoo as this is the are that can actually harm hair and scalp heath. Cheap shampoos use low quality ingredients like harsh sulphates which can strip the hair and scalp of its natural moisture. If the scalp becomes to dried out it can cause irritation but also may result in the scalp producing more oils to compensate, leading to a viscous cycle as you notice your hair becoming more greasy more quickly and feel the need to wash it more regularly with the same moisture stripping shampoo and so the cycle goes on.
Our Daily Calma Shampoo is designed to restore balance and moisture to hair and scalp. The coconut derived cleanser gently cleans hair without stripping hair of its natural lipid layer, maintaining normal moisture levels and calming the scalp rather than irritating it.

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