Scalp issues

At CENTRED, we know that great hair starts with the scalp so treating it right is crucial. It is the base from which we grow our hair. Poor scalp condition can affect the strength and quality of our hair. We like to think of scalp care as skincare for the scalp. 

The scalp is often overlooked yet it is an extension of our skin. It may be hidden by our hair but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take care of it the same way we look after our skin on our face and body. 

Dry and Itchy Scalp 

It's important to nourish and moisturises your scalp. We recommend our En Root Scalp Treatment for a weekly facial for the scalp.  It can help to soothe dandruff, psoriasis and general scalp irritation as it detoxes the scalp from dead skin and product build up, all while stimulating the hair follicles to help maximise healthy hair growth. 


How is your scalp health? 

Here at CENTRED we know how important it is to look after your scalp. It is the base from which we grow our hair. Imagine your scalp is a flower bed, without well nourished soil beautiful flowers wont grow. Many different scalp conditions can flare up from time to time, it can be down to stress, product build up or even the shampoo you are using. 


Nothing about Haircare is one size fits all so if you have any further questions don't hesitate to contact us at