We know just how vital scalp health is for promoting and maintaining healthy hair which is why everything we do is designed to create the optimal scalp equilibrium. The way we see it, a healthier scalp will produce healthier hair and caring for it correctly is a vital part of our inside out approach. Neglecting the scalp and not caring for it correctly can lead to a variety of issues from irritation, overactive sebum, dryness and Dandruff. Many of these issues can also have an impact on the health and condition of hair.

Why we put scalp health first

The scalp is often overlooked yet it is an extension of our skin. It may be hidden by our hair but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take care of it the same way we look after our skin on our face and body. If I asked you to name each product you use to care for your face you would probably need a moment to list the various cleansers, toners, moisturisers etc. If I asked you the same question about your scalp (the very same skin) I'm sure you would likely reply with just one product that touches your scalp...shampoo?!
The problem with conventional shampoo
One of the problems with this is that shampoo, at the end of the day, is a detergent and many on the market contain harsh cleansing agents that strip away moisture and natural oils such as Sulphates. 
If we relate this to your facial skin care routine again, I am sure you wouldn't use a harsh cleanser for your face and then never apply moisture back in with some sort of moisturiser, serum or oil. This is where our cleansing systems flourish. Our Daily Calma Shampoo is a gentle cleanser ideal for even the most sensitive scalps. It protects by gently cleansing the hair and skin with a kind to skin luxurious coconut derived cleanser that is completely Sulphate-Free
What is skincare for your scalp?
We use skincare grade ingredients throughout our collection as the scalp is not just an extension of the skin but is the very skin that covers the entire body. It is a precious and most vital organ. Just like the skin of our body and face, our scalp has a microbiome of organisms. Keeping this biome balanced is key for keeping your scalp healthy and happy, soothed and flake-free.

Dry and Itchy Scalp 

It's important to nourish and moisturise your scalp. We recommend our En Root Scalp Treatment for a weekly facial for the scalp. It can help to soothe dandruff, psoriasis and general scalp irritation as it detoxes the scalp from dead skin and product build-up, all while stimulating the hair follicles to help maximise healthy hair growth. 


Is your scalp healthy? 

Here at CENTRED we know how important it is to look after your scalp. It is the base from which we grow our hair. Imagine your scalp is a flower bed. Without a well nourished soil, beautiful flowers wouldn't grow. Many different scalp conditions can flare up from time to time, it can be down to stress, product build up or even the shampoo you are using. If you have a dry scalp, switch to our Daily Calma sensitive scalp shampoo as your cleanser and use our En-Root Scalp Oil once or twice a week as a pre-wash treatment. 

What is the En-Root Scalp Oil?

Create the ultimate scalp care ritual that will not only create the perfect base for your hair to flourish but will become a self-care staple for helping you to relax, unwind and find your CENTRED.

Our award winning En-Root scalp oil is an essential oil scalp treatment with Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree and Rosemary Oil for healthy hair growth and scalp detoxification. Formulated by expert hair stylists for optimal scalp health, the unique treatment contains over 11 potent herbal extracts, botanicals and essential oils. After applying the oil and massaging your scalp to exfoliate and nourish the skin, leave for 20 minutes up to two hours before rinsing and following with our Daily Calma Shampoo. This is skin care for your scalp with a magic oil-to-milk formulation which allows the treatment to transform when rinsed with water from an oil to a milk which allows you to rinse it free from your hair leaving no residue. 

This allows for you to deeply exfoliate whilst nourishing and stimulating hair follicles and rebalancing moisture, without leaving any residue on your hair after use. We offer our En-Root Scalp oil in 50ml and 100ml sizes. 

Typically lasting for up to 20 applications, one 100ml bottle will last roughly 5 months when used once a week with roughly 5ml per application.  

If you have been struggling with a scalp issue for some time, this could be the time to take control of your scalp health, and start growing stronger healthier hair. 


Nothing about Haircare is one size fits all so if you have any further questions don't hesitate to contact us at hello@wearecentred.com