Hair sheds as a normal part of the hair growth cycle. We usually lose between 50-100 hairs each day but barely notice as there's always new hair strands replacing the ones that have shed. When more hair than normal is shedding it can be down to a variety of triggers.
Most commonly as a result of stress, nutrient deficiencies and hormonal changes however thinning hair can also be triggered by a thyroid condition, a recent pregnancy, an inflammatory condition or from hereditary or natural ageing processes. When the body is not firing on all cylinders, hair growth quality can be affected. Just like if you have ever noticed dents in your nails after a period of illness the same can happen with hair.

We know from experience how worrying it can be if you are experiencing hair loss. Back in 2017 our founder Laura Tudor suffered from dramatic hair loss as a result of stress. Married to award winning hair stylist, Kieran Tudor, the couple began the journey of hair recovery, that journey ultimately led to the creation of CENTRED. The inside-out solution to better hair health. 

"We felt at the time that the exact products we desired were missing from the market so we set out to create our own collection. A complete hair, scalp care and nutrition range combing targeted hair growth vitamins with a potent essential oil scalp treatment formulated with powerful botanical extracts in order to achieve optimal hair health"  

What to do if you are experiencing hair loss.

The first thing we advise is to investigate the possible triggers that could have caused the hair loss. This may include booking a routine blood test to rule out any possible illness or nutrient deficiencies such as low Iron or B12, both of which can cause hair to weaken and thin. At the same time as investigating any possible causes, start a hair recovery plan with our inside out solutions for better hair growth. Our Tender Love & Hair supplements deliver key vitamins and minerals along with Amino Acids to the body to ensure all the right nutrients are abundant for healthy strong hair growth. Our En-Root essential oil scalp treatment with Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree and Rosemary Oil helps to stimulate hair growth from the roots up whilst detoxifying the scalp in order to create the ideal base for healthy hair.
You can find these two award winning products combined in our Hair Growth Heroes Bundle.

What are the best vitamins for thinning hair?

Our Tender Love & Hair supplements contain the best vitamins for thinning hair according to the leading edge nutritional science. Formulated by an expert nutritionist, each capsule contains a targeted blend of herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals and amino acids for optimal hair health including bamboo extract for stronger hair growth.

Key Ingredients -

Bamboo extract (Silica)
B Vitamin Complex (B1, B2, B5, B6, B12)
Seaweed (Iodine)
Aloe Vera
Amino Acids

Stress and Hair Loss

Stress hormones can interfere with the hair growth cycle, causing many hair strands to prematurely enter their resting and shedding phase. This is when the body is under long term emotional stress, when the fight or flight mechanism is activated many times over an extended period, causing the body to prioritise nutrient delivery via the blood to vital organs such as the heart. This process is what leads to the hair becoming weaker and shedding to occur and will continue unless the body returns to a normal restful state so that the central nervous system can relax and reset. This is why taking steps to put self-care as a priority is so important, not only for our hair but for overall health, wellbeing and longevity. Everything we do at CENTRED is designed to help you relax and unwind, turning everyday haircare into self-care rituals will have a positive effect on you, your hair and your experience of the world long-term.

Seasonal hair loss

Excess hair fall in the Autumn is quite common and seems to be down to most people having their peak shedding after the summer months. The science isn’t clear as to why this is but many suggest it is down to the larger cycles that the body is tuned to. Our collection is designed to keep your hair in optimal health all year round. Whether you are looking to recover your hair, prevent hair loss or treat a scalp issue, you will really see the benefits after using our products for several months, especially if you are using the entire collection which targets healthy hair from the inside and outside simultaneously. Each and every detail has been expertly crafted to maximsie your hair growth potential.

For more information on seasonal hair loss check out the below article:


Lockdown Hair Loss

Covid-19 caused thousands of people to experience hair loss (Telogen Effluvium). This is because any time the body has a fever it can cause disruption to the hair growth cycle, impacting the active growth phase (Catagen Phase). This type of hair loss is temporary as new hair will return in place of the shedding hairs providing the trigger for what caused the shedding is removed. In the case of illness, hair will generally recover on its own; however this is where using our hair growth heroes can help to limit the amount of hair shedding in the first place and also recover hair quicker as well as maximising each strand's thickness by speeding up growth rate. Using our En-Root essential oil scalp treatment is ideal for this as not only do the oils stimulate growth but so too does scalp massage which can be further improved with our squishy Scalp massager for hair growth stimulation and scalp exfoliation.


Male Pattern Hair Loss

If you are in your twenties and worried you may be predisposed to follicle sensitivity, there are many natural things you can do to help prevent the onset by taking care of your scalp and staying healthy. Diet and mindset play a big role in hair loss. Lack of nutrition and long term stress make the matter infinitely worse. Start caring for your scalp with our En-Root Scalp Oil, bursting with potent herbal extracts known to be effective for hair regrowth such as Rosemary leaf extract, Castor oil and Peppermint essential oil which will all help to maintain follicle health, stimulate new hair growth and maximse hair strand density.