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Full Wellness Bundle - CENTRED.®
Fuller hair recovery routine
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Roots to Tips Bundle
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What causes hair to tangle?

Hair tangles are commonly caused by the cuticle layer not lying flat which makes a rough surface increasing the chance that hair will become knotty. Hair that is damaged usually has a rough cuticle layer ( the outer part of the hair shaft. One way to avoid knotty hair is to improve the condition of your hair. Each one of our products is specifically formulated to promote optimal hair health

How to treat knotty hair

Knotty hair requires conditioning products to help tame the cuticle layer. Our Daily Calma Conditioner is packed with key ingredients such as Squalane and Hydrolysed Wheat protein that restore moisture, strength and shine to dry & damaged hair.

How to stop hair breakage

What is the best product for knotty hair?

Our Unwind Detangling Primer with Vitamin E and Glycerin is a lightweight conditioning mist that adds moisture to hair whilst helping to ease tangles and protect hair during heat styling 

How to recover damaged hair?

The first thing is to identify what has caused damged to your hair so you can avoid further damage. We take an iside out aprach to hair recovery by targteding healthy hair growth from with with our Tender Love & Hair supplements, and from the outside wuth our award winning hiar andscalp range.