Best natural hair loss treatment

Hair issue, thinning hair or scalp issue?

Conventional products won’t help. You need ‘The Inside Out Method™️’ 


The key to restoring your hair to its former glory is getting to the root cause of the problem. 

The truth is, hair grows from within, so in order to effectively change your hair and support the hair growth cycle, you have to work from the inside out. 

Introducing CENTRED.

What is The Inside Out Method™️?

The Inside Out Method™️ is our pioneering approach for promoting optimal hair and scalp health naturally.

We combine nature’s finest ingredients with the science of trichology & optimal nutrition. 

Our award winning collection focuses on three key elements in order to get maximum results, feeding the hair follicles from the inside and outside at the same time -

Nutrition - Scalp - Hair

Step 1 - Inside

Inside  - Hair grows from within so we start there. 

Tender Love & Hair is our targeted and effective hair growth supplements with Bamboo extract, Amino Acids, Zinc, Biotin and Seaweed. A powerful formulation of the highest quality vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts to boost hair strength and health from the inside out.

Directions - Take 1 - 2 capsules daily with food. This is the daily ritual that sets the tone for the way you approach looking after your hair. Giving yourself the Tender Love and Care necessary to promote stronger, healthier hair.

Step 2 - Outside

The Scalp is the flower bed for healthy hair growth.

Our award winning En-Root Scalp Oil is a state of the art 3-in-1 hair growth treatment designed to nourish follicles, stimulate growth and detoxify. Creating the ideal base for healthy hair. We created En-Root to be used along with scalp massage, an ancient practice with proven hair growth and therapeutic benefits.

Key ingredients:

Rosemary Leaf Extract - Peppermint Oil - Tea Tree Oil - Salicylic Acid - Argan Oil - Castor Oil

Directions - Apply En-Root Scalp Oil to your scalp as a pre-wash treatment twice a week.

This self-care ritual promotes deep relaxation, helping you to restore balance. The aroma of Lavender, Peppermint and Chamomile help to calm the mind.

Squishy Scalp Massager has soft, flexible silicone bristles that help to nourish and invigorate hair follicles by increasing oxygen-rich blood circulation. This relaxing tool will become your favourite self-care practice as you receive the therapeutic benefits that regular scalp massage has.

Step 3 - Restorative Haircare

Our award winning haircare collection is designed to help you find balance through daily self-care rituals that bring you back into alignment. Each one of our hair health heroes helps to restore and repair the hair structure with hydrating botanical ingredients and powerful extracts known for their ability to strengthen the hair strand from root to tip.

Our formulas are of the highest natural content without compromising on performance, combining the best natural ingredients with the latest cosmetic beauty innovations.

Ready to start your journey?

Start today and notice visibly fuller and healthier feeling hair in as little as 3 months time.


Founder and CEO

Laura Tudor

Are you constantly playing catch up? Grabbing lunch on the go? So much to do, so little time… I feel you. I learnt the hard way how a hectic lifestyle and patchy self-care takes its toll on our hair. After a particularly stressful period in my life working in the fashion industry, I experienced hair loss and lost about a third of my hair. In desperate need of help, I tried everything: shampoos, conditioners, bizarre home remedies (Apple cider, anyone?) and supplements. All whilst neglecting the root cause. Literally, the root cause – my scalp.

Now fast forward 3 years. After months upon months of trial & error, rigorous research, I finally took a scalp-first approach to haircare and was born. A natural, results driven, scalp care and haircare company. My goal? to guide women through their haircare journey, to 

Co-Founder and Creative Director

Kieran Tudor

I’ve been in the hairdressing industry for 16 years (and counting). Throughout my years in hair dressing I have learned a few things about women and their hair. Whether it be a client, a model on a shoot or a celeb for the red carpet. When it comes to hair, women have unique wants and there’s no limits to what you can achieve, really. And although leading very different lifestyles, I learnt that ultimately, when it comes to hair, there’s one thing all women look for – that 

CENTRED is for women to turn their haircare routine into a ritual of selfcare, grow healthy hair and feel good – everyday.