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Volume and Growth Solution

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For medium to finer hair types or thinning hair. This volume building solution featuring our brand new Heightened duo alongside our award winning En-Root hair growth oil will transform your hair and scalp. With ginseng, white nettle, Rosemary leaf extract and Rice protein for nourishing hair follicles and strengthening hair from root to tip.

  • En-Root Scalp Oil 100 ml
  • Heightened Volumising Shampoo 260 ml
  • Heightened Volumising Conditioner 260 ml

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How to get the best results

Highly concentrated formula with potent natural extracts means a little goes a long way.

Apply a small amount of Heightened shampoo to the palm of your hand then massage into the roots of wet hair to develop a lather. Repeat this step for a double cleanse if needed.

You may notice more of a lather on your second cleanse as the first breaks down dirt, grease and oils.

Apply a small amount of Heightened conditioner to the mid lengths and ends of hair after shampooing, comb through with a wide toothed comb then rinse.


Heightened duo:

There are many studies showing the effectiveness of Ginseng, Rice Protein and White Nettle for improving hair density and regrowth. Heightened harnesses the power of these natural ingredients and many more to add volume and help reduce shedding over time by noursing hair follicles and protecting hair from root to tip.

En-Root Scalp Oil:

This pre wash, hair growth oil is truly one of a kind. Expertly formualted to stimulate hair follicles, exfoliate pores and rebalance moistire in order to promote optimal hair growth.

Roseamry Leaf extract: Has been shown in studies to perfom as well as monixidil for comabtting thinning hair and hair regrowth.

One study found that rosemary leaf extract applied topically to the scalp promoted hair growth in people with androgenetic alopecia (male or female pattern hair loss)

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The complete inside out solution for optimal hair and scalp health. Our award winning collection combines natures most potent ingredients with the science of Trichology for promoting healthy hair growth, nourishing the scalp and improving the overall health and appearance of hair from root to tip.

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