Can scalp massage really regrow hair?

Can scalp massage really regrow hair?

Regular scalp massage performed consistently over time can have amazing results for not only improving hair growth but actually thickening the individual hair fibres too to help avoid breakage! 
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Does scalp massage really help hair grow?

YES! In short, regular scalp massage performed consistently over time can have amazing results for not only improving hair growth but actually thickening the individual hair fibres too to help avoid breakage! Read on to find out why...

To understand why scalp massage is so good for hair growth a basic knowledge of the scalp anatomy and hair growth cycle is required, you can check out my detailed blog all about hair growth here - How to grow your very best hair 

Why does scalp massage help hair grow?


Increased blood circulation - The gentle pressure produced by scalp massage encourages blood cells to rush to the scalp surface where the hair follicles reside. As hair growth is a process of cell renewal (hair growth occurs at the follicle base not the ends of hair) it requires nutrients that is gains via the blood and specifically the blood vessel that is attached to the hair follicle. Simply put, if the blood circulation to the scalp is not good then the hair quality and rate of growth will suffer. Performing regular scalp massage ensures a constant healthy blood supply to the hair follicles, maximising hair growth potential. 

Exfoliation - Another cause of poor health is due to dead skin, Oil (sebum) and product build up clogging the pores of the scalp making it very difficult for hair to grow as it has to force its way through this layer of impurities. The result of the increased struggle for hair to grow is thinner, weaker hair. Scalp massage can really help to exfoliate the scalp by de-clogging the pores, and studies have shown how effective it is for increasing growth rate as well as individual hair density and strength too! We developed our En-Root Scalp Detoxifying Treatment to be specifically used with scalp massage for maximum results. The blend of Essential oils including Peppermint, Rosemary and Castor combine with Salicylic Acid to detox the scalp surface whilst nourishing, rebalancing moisture levels and further encouraging new hair growth.

Relaxation - Stress is one of the leading causes of poor hair health and thinning hair. We tend to hold a lot of the tension that builds up from stress in our face and head. Scalp massage really helps to relive tension as well as increasing relaxation. Hair growth flourishes when the body is in a calm state. As a process of cell multiplication at the follicle, hair growth is the last to receive nutrition and the first to be withheld from. The chemicals present when we are stressed interfere with the hair growth cycle. This is long term emotional stress like anxiety and worrying. We encourage any activity that helps the mind and body to find calm, creating a break in the constant thought stream. As well as regular acts of self care like scalp massage, try Yoga, Meditation, Reading, Detoxing from the phone! Any activity of self care that helps you to unwind, find balance and feel more CENTRED.

Hair care rituals 

Try scalp massage once or twice a week and see how you get on and what kind of results you get. You can perform scalp massage on your self or get a partner, family member or friend to help you out. Applying gentle pressure with the finger tips and thumbs work slowly in circular motions around the head for at least 3-5 minutes. You can use oils, conditioner or a scalp treatment like our En-Root Scalp Detoxifying Treatment. You can also book professional scalp massage like Indian head massage and Shiatsu head massage every few months for some deep relaxation and follicle stimulation.

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