How to have the best morning routine

How to have the best morning routine

The benefits of a morning routine have been known to dramatically improve wellbeing by creating more happinessreducing stress and increasing productivity as well a creating a general feeling of accomplishment.

Why have a morning routine

When it comes to implementing positive changes there really is no better way than ‘starting as you mean to go on’.
Ever had that ‘got out of bed on the wrong side scenario’? We definitely have! 
As the law of attraction tells us (Think The Secret) if we start off the day in a negative way with a pessimistic mindset then inevitably our day will continue to be pretty crappy, as we attract more and more negative things. We only see the world as we want to see it and through our own lens.
The positive news is that we can choose to see it differently we just have to practice and learn to change some habits and one of the best ways to get into a positive mindset is to start the day with a morning routine.
A morning routine is a set of actions one performs in the morning, usually before starting the day's main activity, ie going to work. So read on for our guide on how to have the best morning routine. 

The benefits of a morning routine have been known to dramatically improve wellbeing by creating more happiness, reducing stress and increasing productivity as well a creating a general feeling of accomplishment.
The key is to do things that work for you and make you feel good. At the end of the day, it is an act of self care to schedule your self the time to do little activities that will help you feel more happy and fulfilled. If that means setting the alarm a little earlier and therefore hitting the hay an hour earlier too then why not try it and see if it improves your life.
Maybe your morning routine varies from day to day or maybe mid week to weekends vary and that is totally fine. It is also important not to beat your self up if you miss something out of your routine just stay present and observe how you feel. 
Do you have a morning routine or do you wake up and go with the flow?

Here are some suggestions of our favourite morning activities great for creating the perfect morning routine. 

- Take supplements - We take our Tender Love & Hair every morning religiously. Zinc, Vitamin C and Iron for energy and immune support. Biotin, Aloe Vera & Bamboo Extract for hair growth (Organic Silica), glowing skin & strong nails. 

Organic Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract - Lion's Mane mushroom is a fascinating species of medicinal mushroom. We take two of our capsules daily as Lion's Mane has a wealth of health and wellness benefits as well as being known as a nootropic meaning it is a supplement known to improve brain health and cognitive function. We enjoy adding this to our morning self care routine for giving us extra focus, clearing brain fog and due to it's amazing anti-inflammatory properties a feeling of lightness too. Lion's Mane has been shown to be excellent for helping to reduce stress and anxiety.

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- Pink Himalayan Salt and Lime water - Hydrating first thing is one of the best things you can do for your body. Adding Pink Himalayan Salt and a squeeze of Lime juice to a glass of filtered water gives the body an anti oxidant boost of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that help to aid digestion, improve liver function and increase the absorption of other vitamins such as B12 so its great to take with supplements.
- Exercise - You do you, whatever works and if it doesn't work... don't do it. Moving in the morning however can have amazing endorphin releasing benefits helping you get in the right mood for the day safe in the knowledge you have shifted some calories and will continue to burn them throughout he day. Ultimate smug feeling included.
- Stretch - Wether you have exercised or not a little light stretching in the morning keeps the joints and muscles in check.
- Yoga - Probably the best thing one can do for ultimate alignment of mind, body and soul. Namaste.
- Meditation - Take your morning meds. Improved mental clarity, creativity and intuition will inevitably increase productivity throughout the day.
- Practice gratitude - Something we always try and do every morning as soon as we open our eyes is say 3 things we are grateful for. Having gratitude instantly shifts thinking patterns to a more positive perspective.
- Coffee - Make the hell out of that coffee and do it with conviction! Get a special mug, some beans that have been poo'd out of Asian Cat or whatever tickles your fancy but make it a ritual and enjoy it.
- Hot water, Lemon & Ginger - A healthy digestion kick and great for the immune system.
- Cold shower - Taking a cold shower instantly makes you present as you have little room for racing thoughts when you shocked with cold water. try to take this presence with you for the rest of the day.

The list of actions you can do in the morning is literally endless it's completely up to you. Ultimately, start by picking a set of actions you want to do and do them religiously for a few weeks and see how you feel and what works with the time you have. You can always swap and change things round but hopefully, having a positive morning routine will become a great self care ritual and start to have some positive affects on your life.

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