What causes sudden hair thinning and hair loss?

by Laura Tudor
What causes sudden hair thinning and hair loss?


Suddenly noticing way more hair than normal falling out? There are many possible causes for this and in this blog post we will delve into various different triggers for hair loss to help you understand what could be causing the sudden shedding.

But first, it is important not to panic in these situations so before we jump into it we invite you to take a few long deep cleansing breaths. Inhaling fully through your nose, pausing for a moment and then releasing all the air out, Do this 3-5 times and imagine breathing in new fresh positive air and exhaling any negative energy that no longer serves you.

Why am I suddenly losing so much hair?

Before we jump into the many reasons associated with sudden hair loss it is a good idea to give you some background information on the science of hair growth but don’t worry if you've just been flooded with bad memories of year 9 biology class at school, we will make this bit as easy to read and digestible as possible.

First of all, It is completely normal to lose hair. The human hair growth cycle lasts for about 5-7 years on the head meaning each strand of hair is usually in its active growth phase (Anagen Stage) for that length of time before it transitions into its resting phase (Catagen Stage). The catagen stage is a short period of time where the hair follicle at the base of the strand is still attached to the scalp but not actively growing any more. This stage lasts around 3 months before the hair strand finally sheds from the head (Telogen Stage) So that a new strand can begin its journey of active growth again.

What triggers sudden hair loss?

Stress -

Stress is one of the most common triggers for sudden hair loss. Stress hormones interfere with the hair growth cycle as they generally put the body into fight or flight mode. Short term stress is not a bad thing however, it helps to mobilise us to get things done. Longer term stress on the other hand can be dangerous as the body is in continuous fight or flight mode. Along with interfering with the hair growth cycle by cutting the active growth stage short, long term emotional stress and anxiety can suppress the immune system and also lead to disease. (All them ore reason to start looking at ways you can reduce stress)

Trauma -

Similarly to how stress interferes with the hair growth cycle, so too can a traumatic experience such as a medical emergency or the loss of a loved one. The shock the body goes into produces a concoction of chemical responses in the body that can all have damaging effects to hair growth. It is worth noting that this is the body doing an amazing job really in that it prioritises nutrient delivery to cells, via the blood, of major organs such as the heart and lungs and classifies the normal cell division of hair growth as unimportant in these instances.

Hormone changes -

Hormone changes can often lead to thinning hair. During Menopause the fluctuations in hormones can affect the body’s natural production of endogenous vitamins and minerals which can change the structure of hair making it texturally weaker and thinner.

Illness -

Covid-19 can cause hair loss. One of the side effects of Covid is hair loss with many people all around the world reporting an increase in shedding several months after recovering from Covid. Any time you experience a fever you can also experience hair loss. This is because the stress on the body due to the increased temperature interferes with the hair growth cycle causing many hair follicles to prematurely enter the resting and shedding phase.

Rapid Weight loss -

Temporary hair loss can occur after a rapid weight loss from a restrictive diet (fasting) or surgery for weight loss. This can be down to the stress on the body and also the nutrient deficiencies that can occur.

How do I stop my hair from falling out and thinning?

As with most things, prevention is always better than cure. Most of the triggers above arise from an imbalance. This is what we are all about, helping you to find balance in order for you to feel good as healthy hair flourishes when you are in your best state mentally, physically and emotionally. This is because the body runs optimally when you are in balance and harmony.

Here are our top 5 tips to help stop your hair from shedding and instead support your body to promote strong healthy hair growth.

Reduce Stress in whichever ways resonate with you. The key here is to have practices that help your body and nervous system to relax.

Take targeted hair growth vitamins (See “What are the best vitamins to recover thinning hair”)

Eat a healthy varied diet full of whole foods and have a source of protein with every meal

Scalp massage is a fantastic way to promote hair growth by feeding the follicles with healthy oxygen rich blood.

Use essential oils such as Rosemary and Peppermint, found in our En-Root Scalp Oil, once or twice a week to activate hair follicles and promote stronger, healthier hair.

What Vitamin should I take for hair loss?

Here are the top vitamins and minerals known by science to be essential for hair growth. If you have a deficiency in any of these then you may be noticing the symptoms in the form of weaker hair, thinning hair or even hair loss.Iron - Red blood cells need iron to carry oxygen. Low levels of iron can cause anemia which often results in symptoms including fatigue, pale skin, and hair loss. As women we lose iron every month, it can be very common that you are low in iron without knowing it.

Vitamin C - Along with helping boost energy levels, Vitamin C is very important to help your gut absorb iron.

Vitamin B12 - Helps the production of oxygen rich Red blood cells. If you are Vegan or Vegetarian it can be very difficult to receive enough B12 from your diet alone. When you have low Vitamin B12 levels, your follicles may not be able to grow healthy hair strands and over time this can often result in hair loss.

Zinc - plays a vital role with your immune system and metabolism, having a Zinc deficiency can often lead to hair loss. Zinc supports hair growth by strengthening the hair follicles to prevent breakage, and give you increased thickness.

B7 (Biotin) - An essential B Vitamin, low levels can often lead to brittle nails and hair loss. Increasing your daily intake may help promote stronger hair more resistant to shedding.

Silica - Provides essential nutrients that help to strengthen the hair strand which helps to reduce thinning hair and hair loss.

All these vitamins are vital for the growth of healthy hair but can be difficult to take them all individually so that’s why we combined all these vital vitamins and more into our Tender Love and Hair Supplement Formula for optimal hair growth.

Tender Love and Hair Supplement

For healthy hair growth and recovery from thinning hair

Hair Thickening Vitamins and Supplements

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"These supplements have truly transformed my hair from a thinning mess back to its former glory, I am so happy with them. I have been taking them for 6 months non stop and am so impressed with the results that I have bought for my friend and my Mum too. " - Chiv

What does hair loss from stress look like?

The first sign that your hair is being affected by stress is usually when your hair starts to feel dryer and looks less shiny. This is because the hair may be starved of nutrients. Most commonly, hair loss from stress happens all over the head meaning it is diffuse, this means you may be able to see more of the scalp than you normally would. You will also be noticing more hair strands around your home, your pillow and in the shower or after brushing.

How long does it take to fix thinning hair?

This depends on what the trigger for the sudden hair loss was in the first place. Sudden hair loss from causes such as stress are generally temporary providing the cause/trigger is addressed also. This means that if you address the root cause of the thinning hair such as fixing a nutrient deficiency, your hair will recover over time.

Hair grows an average of a cm per month so you will have roughly 12 cm growth a year. Taking all the steps listed above for the best ways to stop thinning hair will help to maximise your hair growth and in particular, regular scalp massage with essential oils can actually help to speed up hair growth rate so your hair will bounce back quicker.

What is the best solution for thinning hair?

Born from burnout, our story is a journey of hair recovery. As a hairstylist I had been used to seeing clients over the years experience hair loss for various different reasons. It wasn’t until my wife Laura was suffering from severe hair loss as a result of intense stress that I got to witness just how dramatic and impactful sudden hair loss can be. I felt helpless despite giving Laura all the advice I would give to my clients, the difference was that unlike my clients whom I only saw once every few months, I was with Laura every day as the heaps of hair were falling. This experience led to us doing as much research as we could to understand what was going on and how we could resolve the issue. The learnings we made along with the experience of recovering Laura's hair ultimately led us to the idea to create what we felt was missing in the haircare market. A results driven, inside out solution for hair recovery and hair loss prevention.

This includes our Tender Love & Hair, targeted hair growth vitamins combined with applying our En-Root Scalp oil twice weekly to feed the follicles with oxygen rich, nutrient dense blood that not only helps to encourage the active growth phase but also helps to make each hair strand optimally strong.

Hair Growth Heroes - CENTRED.®
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Hair Growth Hero's - CENTRED.®
Hair Growth Hero's - CENTRED.®
Hair Growth Heroes - CENTRED.®
Hair Growth Hero's - CENTRED.®
Hair Growth Hero's - CENTRED.®
Hair Growth Hero's - CENTRED.®

Hair Growth Heroes

En-Root Scalp Oil - CENTRED.®
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En-Root Scalp Oil - CENTRED.®
En-Root Scalp Oil - CENTRED.®
En-Root Scalp Oil - CENTRED.®
En-Root Scalp Treatment - CENTRED
En-Root Scalp Oil - CENTRED.®
En-Root Scalp Oil
En-Root Scalp Oil - CENTRED.®

En-Root Scalp Oil


Tender Love & Hair Supplements - A targeted hair growth supplement containing the very best known vitamins, minerals and amino acids for optimal hair growth.

En-Root Scalp Oil - A potent blend of essential oils with Salicylic Acid, including Rosemary Oil,Peppermint and Castor Oil to help feed the follicles to stimulate healthy, strong hair growth and reduce thinning hair. Can also help to speed up growth rate and keep hair in its active growth phase for longer.

Why does this solution work?

The dualistic approach of targeting hair growth by supporting the body from the inside with targeted hair growth vitamins and then treating the hair and scalp from the outside is the absolute winning formula for optimal hair health. This is because hair growth requires key nutrients that are not always easily gained through diet alone, especially with a busy lifestyle. So to avoid your hair from being starved of vital nutrients that can lead to poor hair health and thinning hair, taking our Tender Love and Hair capsules each day is the easiest way to ensure you are supporting your body to produce healthy hair and compliments a healthy diet.