How to protect hair from UV sun damage

How to protect hair from UV sun damage

Jun 16 , 2021

How to protect hair from UV sun damage 

I don't know about you but I am loving this sunshine. It does wonders for the mood but it is always worth being conscious and safe when sitting in the sun for long periods of time. We mostly always protect our skin with SPF but can neglect our hair which is prone to sun damage too.

Did you know the sun can damage your hair?

The sun's UV rays have a bleaching affect on hair, causing hair to fade and become dry, weakening the hair structure by removing pigment. Not good news if you spend lots of money getting your hair coloured. Your scalp is prone to sun damage too due to its position and usually very sensitive skin. Those with finer and lighter coloured hair types are particularly susceptible.

So how can you protect your tresses now the weather is heating up?

You may be surprised to hear that UV blocking hair products exist or they may already be on your radar and in fact our very own Unwind Detangling Primer boasts some excellent Sun protecting qualities thanks to its formulation containing Glycerin and Panthenol, both of which are humectants helping to add and lock in moisture, flattening the cuticle layer which helps to protect the cortex (inner core of hair) from damage. Our Unwind hair primer also contains UV filters including Vitamin E which acts as a barrier against the suns damage.

It is also particularly important to use sulphate free hair products during the summer when you may be washing your hair more frequently as harsh sulphates can strip away moisture from the hair and scalp. To browse our collection of sulphate and silicone free hair products including our Sulphate free Daily Calma Shampoo, Click HERE


3 ways to protect you hair from sun damage


  1. Apply a UV protection spray such as our Unwind Detangling Primer before you expose your hair to the sun. You can reapply the Unwind throughout the day even after swimming to help retain moisture after salt water and chlorine and it also doubles up as a beautifully fragranced hair perfume. Win Win!
  2. Don't forget your scalp. The best defence is to wear a hat but my top tip is to apply a light layer of sun screen on your parting and crown where the sun would be hitting. If it makes your roots damp simply use a hair dryer to gently dry it in.
  3. Mask it up. Using deep conditioning masks is essential during summer months. Our Daily Calma Conditioner is ideal due to its rich consistency and formulation of nourishing jojoba oil, camellia japonica seed oil and hydrolysed wheat protein. Apply conditioner to pre washed mid lengths and ends and leave for a few hours or even over night before rinsing to really allow the restorative ingredients to work their magic. Top tip - you can even apply conditioner to damp hair and leave it in on long days in the sun especially if you have thicker hair or wavy/curly textures as this is a great way to keep your hair hydrated on those beach or pool days.

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