How to get shiny hair

How to get shiny hair

Shiny hair is the ultimate symbol of youth, health and vitality. So what is it that causes so many people to crave shine and why don't more people have it naturally? 

Who doesn't want shiny, glossy hair? 

Shiny hair is the ultimate symbol of youth, health and vitality. So what is it that causes so many people to crave shine and why don't more people have it naturally? 

Culturally, in the west we have an emphasis of beauty norms like having perfectly highlighted, blow dried hair. But doing these things takes its toll on hair. Hair, at the end of the day is a fragile structure. Once it is damaged it is hard to rectify and generally damaged hair tends to be much less shiny.

Enter Silicones

Silicones have been around in hair products since the 80's. Generally marketed as 'smoothing', 'Frizz Controlling'  They are a quick fix when it comes to adding shine to hair but that is the problem. They add shine, rather than enhancing it naturally. 

Silicones are like a band aid for damaged hair, concealing what is underneath by shrink wrapping the hair shaft. This instantly makes hair feel softer, easier to manage, less frizzy and shinier. So, what's the catch?

The problem with coating hair with silicones is that they gradually build up on hair over time. This worsens hairs internal condition over time by not allowing any conditioning or moisturising ingredients to actually penetrate the hair structure, so no nourishing benefits are received, causing it to dry out further.

So here's the deal

I’m not saying to never use silicones. Silicones do have a purpose and can be useful used in moderation. If your hair is in very dry and damaged condition, you may find it near on impossible to not use conditioning products with Silicones as they are the only things that will make you hair 'appear' better and make it more manageable. Some people with heavily chemically processed hair may just find that silicones in hair products just work better for them, and that is fine.

But what I am saying, to those of you who are fed up with your hair never actually improving, is that silicones could be part of the problem, and taking steps to detox form them could really help your hairs condition over time, even building back natural shine! 

How Our Range Adds Shine to hair.

The entire Centred range is designed to deeply nourish and restore strength and shine to hair by delivering key nutrients to the body in order to grow healthier hair whilst working externally to repair damage and replenish lost moisture. Our range can help banish dandruff and a dry flaky scalp and help those experiencing thinning hair.

Tender Love & Hair - Hair growth vitamins. Best hair supplements with Bamboo Silica for hair growth. Selenium, Zinc, Biotin Iron and Aloe Vera all help to add vitality, Suppleness and shine back to hair. Vegan hair supplements.

Daily Calma Shampoo - Best sulphate free shampoo UK. Amino Acids build strength whilst our coconut derived, sulphate free cleanser helps to gently cleanse whilst protecting the scalp and smoothing the hair.

Daily Calma Conditioner - Deeply nourishing conditioner for dry hair. Jojoba oil, Camellia Japonica Seed oil, Squalane and Hydrolysed Wheat Protein work to rebuild the hair fibre, adding natural shine and softness and protecting hair from future damage by closing the cuticle layer.

En-Root Scalp Treatment - Our hero treatment can help to calm a dry Itchy scalp. It is designed to remove dead skin and product build up whilst stimulating follicles for new hair growth and rebalancing moisture levels on the scalp. We call it skin care for your scalp with Salicylic Acid and Tea tree for gentle exfoliation. Rosemary and Peppermint Oils for stimulating growth and Lavender, Chamomile, Coconut and Argan oils for calming nourishment.

Unwind Detangling Primer - Best leave in conditioner for dry hair. Silicone free detangling spray with UV filters and Vitamin E for helping to lock in moisture, protect form heat and environmental damage.

View our range of silicone free hair care for helping to add natural shine back to stressed hair. 


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