7 reasons to take a shower meditation

7 reasons to take a shower meditation

Here are 7 Benefits of shower meditation. The goal is to step out of the shower feeling calmer and more relaxed than when you stepped in.

7 Reasons to take a shower meditation

Here are 7 Benefits of shower meditation. The goal is to step out of the shower feeling calmer and more relaxed than when you stepped in.

1. Better Hair Growth 

Hair cells grow best when the body is in a relaxed state. Meditation can help to calm the mind which helps to keep the body relaxed and the hair growth cycle in its 'Active growth phase' for as long as possible. 

2. Multi Tasking 

We know it can be difficult in modern life to find time to sit and meditate. Incorporating meditation practice in to your shower routine is a great way of getting daily relaxation, helping you to feel more calm and balanced without the pressure of finding extra time to do it. 

3. Feel set up for the day or primed for sleep

Recents surveys have shown that many people use their time in the shower to help them relax. Actively seeking to practice a calm mind meditation can help to set you up ready to take on the day if you shower in the morning. Equally, taking shower meditation before bed could greatly help with improving sleep. By calming the mind, we find inner stillness from the normal mind stream of thoughts which would often make us restless when we go to bed. 

4. Be more present 

'The Power Of Now' is a truly magnificent book by spiritual teacher Ekhart Tolle. In the power of now, Ekhart talks about the present moment being all we ever really have but so often our thinking minds take us out of it. By worrying about the future or procrastinating about the past we miss out on the present moment. I would highly recommend this book to anybody, especially those who may be struggling with stress and anxiety, it helped me enormously. Through shower meditation we can access the power of now, by becoming more present. Ekhart's term for mindfulness is 'Presence'. Bringing more presence in to our lives can help us to feel more calm, balanced and CENTRED.

5. Love And Gratitude

Some benefits of regular 'calm mind' mediation are increased intuition and improved creativity. Calming the mind can help us to sift through the noise of the relentless thought stream and discover what is truly important to us. Often a sense of gratitude can arise and a warm feeling of love and compassion for ourselves and others. There is no shortage of demand for kindness in this world, not least for ourselves. We can be so hard on ourselves at times. We often need to learn to love ourselves before we can receive love from others. meditation can help us feel more connected to the bodies we are so lucky to have. 

6. Cleansing 

Water is symbolic for ‘cleansing’, therefore taking a shower mediation can be a great way to wash away negative energy, cleansing the mind and soul. Setting an intention and using affirmations are a great way of manifesting the maximum benefit from your shower meditation. "I breath in life and wash away what no longer serves me" "I appreciate fully all that I am, the life force of breath and the cleansing nature of water".

7. Conscious Hair Care

We have designed everything about the CENTRED range to help you reduce stress, find more balance, and become more CENTRED. Using care products intended for  improving hair health during shower meditation will maximise their results. Intention is a powerful force. Our range is for good, created with the intention of improving health and wellbeing. This is embedded in our brand DNA, from the ingredients used & the recycled packaging to our UK manufacturers. 


How to have a shower meditation:


  • Before you get in to the shower take a moment for some deep, conscious breaths.Try to set an intention for the shower, “I will appreciate the cleansing nature of this shower and enjoy the sense of calm it will produce” 
  • Continue with your normal shower routine but try and keep your attention on the breath and the sensation of the warm water, eyes gently closed (Where possible). Scan the body with your consciousness and try to notice the subtle energy, the aliveness within, and connect to it. 
  • If thoughts arise, try to gently notice them, then let them go by bringing your attention back to the breath, the water and the energy field of the body.
  • Imagine each breath as being a gift and with every exhale imagine letting go of what no longer serves you, allowing the water to wash away any negative energy.
  • As you begin shampooing, Notice the sensation of the lather, the scent of the fragrance and the feeing of your fingers exfoliating the scalp.
  • Allow yourself these precious moments to feel peaceful and calm, feeling gratitude for yourself.
  • When it comes to Conditioner, it’s a great opportunity to introduce scalp massage. Apply the conditioner to the mid lengths and ends. Rinse hands and begin scalp massage by applying a gentle pressure with the fingertips and thumbs, working in circular motions very slowly.
  • Notice the sensation of the massage, see if you can notice the stimulation of blood flow circulating to the hair follicles. Hair growth needs a healthy blood supply and scalp massage is helpful for encouraging increased blood supply to the follicle.
  • Keep your attention on the breath and the sensory experience of the shower through your routine. After you have finished, gently flutter the eyes open and try and take that presence and calmness with you throughout your day.

Let us know how you get on. Meditation is called practice for a reason. Like everything, it is something to be developed and cultivated but the rewards are so worth it. Once you have experienced the calm and stillness achieved through meditation you begin to see why so many people use it around the world to find peace and happiness. 

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