The power of fragrance - Introducing Holistic London

The power of fragrance - Introducing Holistic London

Scent and fragrance has been so special to me since I was young, it's one of those little luxuries in life that brings me so much enjoyment, I feel that fragrance is one of those signature parts of our identity.
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Scent and fragrance has been so special to me since I was young, it's one of those little luxuries in life that brings me so much enjoyment, I feel that fragrance is one of those signature parts of our identity. Scent can be incredibly powerful, it can awaken deep and important memories in a millisecond. Choosing our fragrance was incredibly important, every element of our products I wanted to act as a trigger to help you relax, next time you're in the shower applying your Daily Calma Shampoo breathe deep and take a few moments to yourself in solace from from the outside world. My hope is that every time you smell our products you will get a reminder to relax. 
You may have seen on social that we have been highlighting some inspirational women lately to celebrate international women's day coming up on the 10th march. In this article I interview a woman on a mission with fragrance, Co-Founder of  Holistic London, a fellow company that feels that scent and fragrance is incredibly important.
Holistic London is an independent home fragrance and lifestyle brand, founded by husband and wife duo Jules & Adrian. They crafted the products they believed were missing in the market: clean, sustainable and transformative fragranced wellness products. Their first creation landed in 2019, a line of 100% natural candles designed to create little moments of wellbeing and they went on to create a beautiful and thoughtful range all crafted around the  connection between cognitive function and fragrance.
This week I asked co-founder Jules Echeita all about how they started Holistic London and about her deep connection and passion with fragrance. 

1. What inspired you to start Holistic London?

Adrian and I started this business in our kitchen, creating clean, natural candles that would be safe to light at home - avoiding toxins and nasty ingredients. We had been making some swaps to more sustainable and natural solutions for food, beauty and home products, and we felt we could create really nice candles in this space too. People are often worried about pollution but don’t tend to think about the pollution that can be created at home with some of the products they use! Paraffin in candles for example is one to avoid.

2. What is your favourite scent and why?

I actually have two! Our Egyptian Jasmine + Sandalwood is a scent I light all the time and can’t get enough of. It’s grounding, sophisticated but comforting at the same time – gorgeous. Perfect for any space at home.

The other one is our Neroli + Chamomile scent. It’s the scent we created to help support relaxation and sleep. Generally, people think of Lavender when it comes to scents that aid sleep, but not everyone likes how lavender smells! Our Neroli + Chamomile blend is a beautiful alternative and it’s one of our bestsellers for that reason.

3. Why do you think fragrance is so important?

Your sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses you have. It’s closely linked to both memory and emotion – it's been proven that what you smell can influence how you feel.  We started this business when the world was in a very uncertain place and our homes had to become our sanctuaries.

We thought it was important to be able to create something that could help bring a little bit of wellbeing and serenity into people's homes.

4. Why is incorporating sustainability important to you and how do you do it? 

Often sustainability equals utility and brands often seek out cheaper alternatives to cut costs. However, it is also at the cost of our health and wellbeing. We believe that it is possible to create aspirational luxury goods that can be good for you and good for the planet too.

My background in FMCG has allowed me to visit farms in Indonesia and I've seen first-hand where our raw materials come from and the conditions that farmers work and live in. It’s not something brands or consumers think about, but I feel very strongly that by sharing the stories of the farmers and workers who grow our beautiful ingredients and by being uncompromising in responsible sourcing, we are striving for a sustainable future for both people and planet.

5. If you could give one piece of advice to someone who is looking to reduce stress and improve their wellbeing? What scents do you recommend to relax. 

When things feel like they’re getting overwhelming it’s important to slow down, take a break and then take things one step at a time. Make time to truly relax and remember to be kind to yourself. My favourite relaxing scent is Neroli + Chamomile. They're both powerful essential oils that help with calming, relaxation, and sleep. It smells incredible too!

6. What do you feel were the biggest highlights for your brand in 2021? 

In 2021 we opened the doors to our studio, welcomed team members, got B Corp pending status, and went through an amazing rebrand! Although it was another far from normal year, we’re so proud of our achievements.

7. What's next for Holistic? Is there anything coming up in the future that we should keep an eye out for? 

We are a Pending B Corp but on track to get certified in July, which will be extremely exciting to solidify our mission of Making Fragrance Better for All.

And we have got some really exciting new launches coming up this year that we can't wait to share, from moving into the refillable space as well as a new scent to help aid concentration – which seems to be much needed these days!

We're very excited to keep building and growing the brand and finding new ways to bring wellbeing to people and the planet.

You can find more information about Holistic London HERE enter SAVE15 at checkout for 15% off their products.

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Most importantly, keep practising self-care and prioritising your health and wellbeing.

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