Supplements - When will I notice a difference?

Supplements - When will I notice a difference?

Your hair is often one of the first markers to something being a little off centre and can be a sign for your body saying that it needs to slow down. "Your hair is the last part of your body to receive nutrients but the first to be with held from."
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I see you. I see you working hard in the week, scheduling like a pro and multitasking every hour of the day. I know who you are, because the chances are you are very similar to me. Someone who is working hard to make a difference, someone who is trying their best, busy world shaking. But let's face it, sometimes all that shaking, it's exhausting and sometimes when you work a little too hard you can feel a bit off balance. 

Your hair is often one of the first markers to something being a little off centre and can be a sign for your body saying that it needs to slow down. "Your hair is the last part of your body to receive nutrients but the first to be with held from." That means in times of high pressure and stress, hair growth is the least important bodily function, so the body preserves nutrition and sends it to the more vital systems of the body.   

We've all seen it before, ridiculous and misleading for adverts for products promising the world. When we're stressed and going through a tough time we're willing to try anything to help, and companies know this.

The truth is when it comes to hair growth, nothing happens overnight. The hair growth cycle is an extremely slow bodily function, so if you start to experience hair fall the chances are it will be from something that happened around 3 months ago. 

If you are starting to feel a bit run down or you know you have a tough few weeks ahead of you, I am making it my life's mission to make sure that you are supporting your body with what it needs, get that massage, go for a walk and please please please do that yoga class. Do it so it nourishes your body and soul to avoid it from breaking, so you can continue to keep going, continue to do all that world shaking. 

When I designed our Tender Love and Hair Supplements, I designed them for you, to support you and your body and to show yourself some Tender Love and Care. Our TLH Supplements are design to help counteract stress, to help support the immune system and boost energy levels.

What happens when I start to take supplements?

Day one

Congratulations - this is the first day of the rest of your life, you've made a change and a self care commitment to yourself, that in itself is something to be celebrated. We are so often busy that self care takes a back seat, but not this time, you are supporting yourself to reCENTRE so you can keep on your A game. 

The thing to remember is that the hair growth cycle is a slow bodily process and changes do take time.

After one week

I don't know about you but when, I take my supplements, and manage to remember for a whole week I feel like I have my sh*t together, taking them first thing gives me a great start to the day. After a week I notice that my energy levels are starting to increase, your body does not store Vitamin C, so it is a vitamin that you need to consume on a daily basis and along with lots of other B vitamins our TLH Supplements are designed to help to fight tiredness and fatigue.

After one month

You're one month in! I'm digitally high fiving you, this is amazing. I feel like self care is one of the biggest challenges in my life so making it to one month is a huge achievement, it makes me so happy to hear when our supplements have really made a difference to someone and I know that you should be seeing the effects really soon. If your hair has been falling out this is around the time you can start star to see less hair fall. Maybe you've noticed less hair coming out when you wash your hair or when you are brushing it. 

After three months

Wow! You are amazing, the kindness that you have shown yourself is inspirational, I hope you feel that life is good. The three month milestone is around the time that you may start to notice small baby hairs growing, this is the hair growth cycle starting to get back on track. Bamboo extract is one of the main ingredients in our Tender Love and Hair Supplements, which has the highest natural occurring amount of silica, a mineral that is vital for healthy hair, skin and nails. One interesting thing about silica is that our deplete this mineral as we age. That is one of the reasons your hair can start to thin as we get older. This is why we have included this ingredient to help replenish these Silica levels.

After six months   

I see you. You are incredible, you've made such an incredible commitment to yourself. At 6 months you can start to see your hair looking a fuller and thicker, you may notice that you are beginning to see longer hair with less breakage. How has this affected your life other than your hair? Have you noticed better skin, stronger nails? All these things combined my biggest hope is that you feel good and all that TLC you have given yourself has made a huge difference. 

Onwards and Upwards

We all go through ups and down in our lives, if when I reach old age if I know that I have helped people have more ups and have supported you through your downs I will be one happy lady. 

One thing I want you to know is that you are not alone out there, I speak to so many people on a daily basis who are on their journey whether they have hair or not.  

We are with you, if you have have any questions or would like any product recommendations please send us a message at 

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