How to Steam your Scalp

How to Steam your Scalp

This week I have been introduced to a new technique that I can't wait to share with you. I realise it might sound a bit unusual first, but let me ask this question, have you ever tried to steam your scalp? 

What is hair steaming?

Steaming your scalp has several benefits, the technique uses moist heat to open the cuticle allowing conditioner and scalp treatments to penetrate deeper and helps increase absorption, it really is a facial for your scalp!

Alongside cleaning the pores on the scalp, steaming increases softness and helps stimulate hair growth by increasing skin circulation... sign us up!

Many salons offer scalp steaming treatments, however you can try it at home, so I thought I'd share how to try it out yourself. 

How to steam your scalp at home: 

1. Apply your En Root Scalp Treatment to your roots and conditioner to your ends. Take a few minutes to massage your scalp. 

2. Soak a towel in water, remove excess water, then heat in the microwave for 2 minutes. Wrap hot towel around your head and a second dry towel to help keep the heat in for longer. (Be careful the towel isn't too hot). 

3. Leave on for 10-20 minutes, before washing like normal. 

After styling your hair can feel up to 900% softer! 

It's advised to try a scalp steam once a month for healthy hair to help cleanse the scalp, or for really thirsty hair every 7-10days. If you have low porosity hair that struggles to absorb conditioning products steaming can really make a difference.

Hair steaming will maximise the efficacy of our already potent ingredients including:

Rosemary and peppermint that help Stimulate the hair follicles, encouraging them to stay in the active growth phase for as long as possible. 

Hydrolysed Wheat Protein and Japonica Seed oils helps hydrate and deeply nourish each and every strand.

Hemp Seed, Jojoba and Argan oils to replenish and moisturise the scalp. 

What will my scalp and hair be like after it has been steamed?

Steaming your hair and scalp over time should leave the scalp feeling clean and calm while helping hair strand improve elasticity and moisture retention resulting in a glossy and high sheen finish. 

What products to use : 

En Root Scalp Treatment 

Daily Calma Shampoo 

If you have any specific hair or scalp concerns you would like some advice on then you can drop us a line by emailing

You can also get some targeted advice from taking our hair health quiz

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