What is slow living?

What is slow living?

Slow living is all about enjoying life at a slower pace, consuming less and making conscious choices - big or small. For the longest time ever hustle culture, a fast-pace lifestyle, multitasking and city living have been glamorised. And why wouldn’t they be? It’s all we see on social media. A perfect ‘day in the life’: waking up at 6 am, going for a run, ticking off skincare, meditating, styling hair and slipping into a perfectly put together outfit. But let’s be real…commuting to work (or wfh), attending meetings, making time for loved ones, finding time for self care isn’t as easy as it looks. It’s not all unicorns and rainbows. Yet, we’re so quick to compare and question our lifestyles.

As cliché as it sounds, it’s time to break away. To start living better, not faster. Slow doesn’t mean lazy and unproductive. Slow is about making conscious decisions about what you invest your time in. A full calendar and getting multiple jobs ticked on your daily itinerary doesn’t equate to high productivity. Constantly multitasking doesn’t equate to being on your “A-game”. In other (better explained) words, “Slow living isn’t about determining how little we can live with – it’s about working out what we simply can’t live without” Nathan Williams. Here are some ways we can take care of the hair side of things:

1. Blow drying efficiently 

Frantically blow drying your hair is never fun but neither is being late to events. Blow drying your hair at the highest speed and heat as fast as you can may work but we have a WAY smarter alternative.

Once you’ve towel-dried your hair thoroughly, blow dry the hair on your crown and the fronts. Then blow dry your hair with your head tilted upside down. It’s as simple as that! This allows your hair to spread out and for all the excess water to escape quicker. Thank us later.


2. Overnight heatless curls

There are countless reasons to love heatless overnight curls. Not only is it kind to your hair cuticles but it’s also the single best way to save you time styling your hair the following day. And the obvious – beautiful curls. Win-win-win.

 Step 1 – brush or comb your hair and pull it up in a ponytail.

 Step 2 – Lightly spray your hair with a detangling primer to dampen it and use your fingers to wrap 1 inch sections

 Step 3 – use a clip to secure each section securely

 Step 4 – carefully unpin each curl the next morning and take your hair out of the ponytail

 And voila! Bouncy, voluminous, effortless curls overnight.


3. Deep-deep condition

Treat your hair to a deep-deep condition once a week. Doing this will not only hydrate and deeply nourish your hair and scalp but it’ll also save you time conditioning in the shower.

Try this: begin by applying En Root scalp oil generously all over your scalp. Add 4-6 drops of your scalp oil to your Daily Calma conditioner and apply it on the mid lengths and ends of your hair at least 20 minutes before showering. First wash off with just water and follow up with shampoo. Always remember, scalp oil all over but conditioner just for mid lengths and ends. Applying conditioner on the roots will weigh it down and make your hair greasy quicker.


4. Claw Clip hairstyles

Claw clips are by far the best trend to make a return this year. The simplest way to throw your hair up. From casual to dressy, claw clips are the most versatile and chic hair accessory for all occasions. This year we launched our first ever Claw Clip, Whip It Up! An anti-slip grip that you can take anywhere with you. Check out our TikTok if you’re looking for some claw clip hairstyle inspo.

Here's the deal

Slow living is often associated with a "cottage-core" aesthetic. Living in the suburbs,  countryside or just somewhere quiet, doing things slower. There's more to slow living than the literal interpretation. Making small changes, simplifying your lifestyle can make the biggest difference in your productivity and mental wellbeing. 

If you have any specific hair or scalp concerns you would like to know more about slow living then you can drop us a line by emailing hello@wearecntred.com


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