Guest Edit: Celebrity hairstylist Kristine Cimbule.

Guest Edit: Celebrity hairstylist Kristine Cimbule.
Good morning! This week we have a very exciting guest edition on Wednesday I interviewed queen of highlights and hairdresser to the stars Kristine Cimbule. We had an amazing conversation about how she got into hairdressing and she shares with us some of her top hairstyling tips! 
Hi Kristine, it’s great to see you
Hi! It’s so exciting to be doing this and I feel so honoured of being able to say hi to all of the other Centred fans, especially as I'm one of them and this Sunday morning newsletter is my all time favourite..It's one of the only newsletters that I ever read as it comes out at the best time of the day and I'm always loving the content and am passing it on to my clients, so its so exciting to be passing on some of my tips too.  
Tell us a bit about yourself.
Well hi :) it’s so nice to meet the Centred community and to be sharing a little about myself. As you know now I am a hairstylist and more important than a technique for me (although it plays a big part!) is helping my clients fall in love with their hair, it's a huge passion of mind that goes beyond hair cutting or colouring techniques, it’s all about finding out what they like and dislike about their hair, to create hair goals together and give my clients day to day tips on how they can best look after their hair. I’m a blond hair, long hair and extension specialist and a day doing hair never feels like work. 
How did you get into hairdressing?
It’s actually something I just knew all along and I still get goosebumps thinking about it but I from a young age I just always knew.. all I had to do was to follow my heart. A day doing hair has never felt like work even 10 years after I qualified. I was cutting hair before I knew how to cut. Whatever if found difficult I put the extra effort in and I made it my strength!


What is your favourite product of all time?
Omg as a stylist I have so many favoutite styling productsand it’s hard to pick one and I’m also not loyal to just one brand but if I had to choose just one styling product I would pick it’s Sam McKnight's Modern Hair Spray as I literally could not live without it and I use it all the time. It's a not regular hair spray, it has flexible hold and you can completely brush it out. It also smells amazing! 
What’s your favourite CENTRED product?
My favourite CENTRED product has to be the En Root Scalp Treatment. every time I use it it feels like a facial for my scalp! it also smells incredible and feels so good whilst it’s on my scalp. I love using it with the new Squishy scalp massager, using the both the scalp treatment and massager together really help remove dead skin and flakes from the scalp and I've found that they extend time between wash days!  
What is your most valuable piece of hair advice?
Recently I’ve been getting so many enquiries from clients regarding hair loss. I it hear a lot from women after having kids and also from the busy business ladies that just don’t have enough hours in their day, it’s girls that are always doing detox and exploring the newest diets... My best advice to achieve thick and healthy looking hair will always be to try and have a balanced lifestyle. Healthy body = healthy hair. A lot of it comes from inside, starting from balanced diet, good sleep, regular fitness activities and water intake. If these few basic things are not in balance the cosmetic stuff won’t really help, it comes from inside and that’s why I love everything about CENTRED as you guys put that in the core of your business and that’s why I love what you do so much. 
What does healthy hair mean to you? 
Healthy hair to me is strong long and shiny hair. Our bodies are incredibly smart “computers”  when the whole system works well then the hair will look great but if there is any imbalance within the body, an illness, hormonal changes etc the hair nails and skin tend to suffer the most. I always think of the hair as the indicator of our overall health and well being; unfortunately it’s often very much over looked. 
Healthy body = healthy hair. It’s our every day routines that keep our body healthy, balanced and centred. 


What are your heat styling top tips?
  1. Make sure your hair is well moisturised, moisture adds flexibility to our hair and if you regularly use a shampoo and conditioner that help moisturise your hair you’re already one step closer to healthy looking hair.  
  2. I’m all about “leave in “ conditioner before blowdrying the hair to make sure that we keep the moisture in the hair and don't dry it out by using a hair dryer, moisture also adds the shine and flexibility to the hair. 
  3. Hair spray before using any hot tools will make your hair style last better and longer. Trust me, give it a try and you'll never look back; either it is fighting with the “fly aways” or getting your beach waves to last. Hairspray before styling your hair is a must.
Have you every experienced hair shedding? What would you recommend your clients?
I have and each time it’s been quite a scary experience that helps me understand my clients and other women that have gone through it even better.  For me hair loss is the biggest reminder that I have to slow down, I’ve got to take time for myself, sleep, rest and look after my body. Every time it’s been the final red flag after a very busy tiring period of time.  The good news is that the hair grows back as long as we decide to prioritise our health, well being, sleep, nutrition and rest. Even taking a hair supplement and treating ourselves with a nourishing scalp treatment can be very beneficial self care act and a way showing compassion and kindness to our body. 
Where can we find you?
Find me in Soho :) just around the corner from Liberty on the always buzzing Berwick street. 
Find me on Instagram @kristinecimbule
"If there is any imbalance within the body, an illness, hormonal changes etc the hair nails and skin tend to suffer the most."

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