How to avoid an itchy scalp

How to avoid an itchy scalp

I have suffered in the past with scalp irritation my self, caused predominantly by using harsh shampoos full of sulphates and the fact that I wear styling product in my hair.

Why is my scalp itchy and how can I avoid it? 

I have suffered in the past with scalp irritation my self, caused predominantly by using harsh shampoos full of sulphates and the fact that I wear styling product in my hair. Since I started regularly caring for my scalp with CENTRED En-Root scalp detox treatment my scalp has felt so much better. It feels like the moisture balance has been restored as well being nourished and clean from dead skin and product build up. I see it as a weekly 'facial' for the scalp and the hair growth benefits are amazing too. My hair is thicker than ever and I can only put that down to taking our Tender Love & Hair Supplement and using the En-Root consistently. Giving yourself a 3-5 minute scalp massage  after applying the scalp treatment once a week will dramatically improve scalp health over time. By massaging the oil in to the scalp you really get the exfoliating benefits of the Salicylic Acid whilst essential oils like Olive, Hemp and Lavender help to soothe and calm. Peppermint, Rosemary and Castor Oil further combine with the scalp massage for increased blood circulation to the hair follicle which stimulates hair growth. The overall feeling after using the scalp treatment is amazing, my scalp always feels refreshed and stimulated, no more itchy, flakiness and my hair is strong and healthy. 

5 Tips to avoid Itchy/Flaky Scalp 

  1. Use a detoxifying Scalp treatment - Treating the scalp with a detoxifying Scalp treatment like our En-Root detoxifying scalp treatment will help to maintain a healthy scalp, control moisture levels and balance oil production, encourage hair growth by improving blood circulation and take care of scalp conditions like dandruff by removing dead skin cells.
  2. Regular scalp massage - We encourage regular scalp massage, ideally once a week after applying a scalp treatment. Scalp massage will improve blood circulation to the scalp further promoting hair growth, relive tension and help to exfoliate the scalp of dead skin and product build up. 
  3. Avoid Sulphates - Try to use Sulphate free shampoo as Sulphates are harsh detergents found in every day shampoo's known to strip the hair snd scalp of it's natural oils. This can lead to irritation and increased oil production. Our Daily Calma Shampoo is completely Sulphate free and instead uses a Coconut derived cleansing agent for a naturally clean feel whilst Aloe Vera and Chamomile help to sooth and calm the scalp after cleansing to maintain a healthy, fresh scalp.
  4. Rinse well - It is always important to rinse the hair and scalp thoroughly after shampooing to make sure all residue is rinsed off the hair snd scalp to avoid any build up that can cause scalp irritation. Make sure the water temperature is not too hot as you don't want to burn the skin.
  5. Brush Correctly - Brushing hair when it is dry can be beneficial for the hair and scalp. Not only can it refresh a style, in the mornings for example, but by brushing hair when it is dry with a soft bristle brush you can help to distribute natural oils through the hair, taming frizz and moisturising the ends and remove any hair strands that have shed. Keeping the scalp healthy and clear of blockages for being able to grow healthy new hair.  

It is always worth skin testing if you are worried about reactions or irritation. The main exfoliating ingredient in our Scalp treatment is Salicylic Acid which has wide range of benefits for treating the scalp however in a small percentage of people some irritation can occur, if you have an concerns or would like any more advice on how to care for your scalp you can reach us at 

Stay safe and Stay CENTRED


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