7 tips for maximising hair growth

7 tips for maximising hair growth

In this blog we explain how to maximise your hair's growth cycle and show you how we can help you achieve your healthiest hair naturally. Growing long healthy hair is all about keeping your hair in it’s 'active growth' phase for as long as possible. 

Our 7 Top Tips for maximising hair growth.

In this blog we explain how to maximise your hair's growth cycle and show you how we can help you achieve your healthiest hair naturally.

Growing long healthy hair is all about keeping your hair in it’s 'active growth' phase for as long as possible. 

This active growth phase along with the rate in which your hair grows determines the maximum length your hair can grow which is why some people find their hair gets to a length that they can't seem to grow it past. If that's you, follow our tips below to help grow your hair to 'new lengths'

If you are asking yourself, ‘how can I make my hair grow faster?’, we can tell you that the best way to maximise your hair growth potential is to avoid anything that cuts your active growth phase short such as Stress, Nutrient Deficiencies or Scalp Tension/Trauma.You'll also want to increase growth rate by stimulating the scalp in order to keep follicles active. Below are our 7 Top Tips for maximising your hair's growth potential. 

Our 7 Top Tips For Maximising Your Hair Growth Potential - 

 1 - Scalp Massage - Regular scalp massage stimulates blood circulation to the scalp. 

Click here to watch our free 5 minute head massage tutorial. Be sure to like and subscribe to our YouTube Channel too! 

 2 - En-Root Scalp Treatment - This wonder treatment has 3 amazing benefits for helping hair to grow long and strong. 

Stimulates - Formulated with Rosemary, Peppermint and Castor Oil, 3 of the best known natural ingredients for stimulating hair growth. These Oils increase blood circulation to the scalp, further maximised with scalp massage, keeping the hair follicle active with a heathy blood supply. 

Exfoliates - Salicylic Acid is one of the best ingredients for maintaining scalp health. A cult favourite in skin care, we included Salicylic Acid in our En-Root Scalp Treatment to gently exfoliate dead skin cells and build up, keeping pores clear and the scalp in an ideal condition to grow strong health hair.

Nourishes - A luxurious and deeply nourishing blend of over 12 oils deliver     Anti-Oxidant rich moisture to the scalp to regain and maintain its healthy equilibrium. You'll find Jojoba, Coconut, Hemp Seed, Lavender, Chamomile, Tea Tree and many more gorgeous oils

3 - Vegan Silk Hair Tie -  Our Bamboo Silk Bobbles and Scrunchies helps to stop breakage and avoids tension on the scalp to minimise hair shedding. Silk pillowcases are also a great investment. 

4 - Tender Love & Hair Supplement - Our award winning Tender Love & Hair Supplement is one of the best ways to maximise your hair growth cycle, Formulated with amazing hair boosting vitamins and minerals such as Silica (Bamboo) Selenium, Zinc, Biotin, Iron and Aloe Vera. 

Our Tender Love & Hair works by increasing the nutrient blood supply in the body. 

However, this is not the end of the story. Giving the body extra nutrition vital for healthy hair growth is one thing, but then applying a scalp treatment formulated to help stimulate blood circulation directly to the scalp and performing regular scalp massage is another thing entirely. 

This is why our treatment method of combining our hair growth supplements with our scalp treatment along with scalp message works so well! 

5 - Sleep - Sleep is essential for the body to recover, Getting 7-8 hours of sleep per night is a great way to keep the bodies functions in harmony. 

6 - Reduce Stress - “Our hair is the last part of the body to receive nutrients and one of the first to be withheld from” 

This means that when we are stressed the hair follicles get a restricted amount of nutrients via the blood as blood flow and nutrients are directed to more vital organs and tissues. Now we see how important is is to reduce stress and to try and create a calm environment so that stress is not affecting our bodily functions. It is not just the hair that suffers, although our hair, skin and nails can be a visual indicator that something is out of balance. Reacting to the visual effects of stress positively can help you avoid being impacted further by stress by avoiding other health complications. Now, time to treat the cause. Start with self care and everything else will fall back in to place. 

7 - Avoid Damage - Excess heat and mechanical damage can cause the hair follicle to enter its resting phase early. Always try to take the best care of your hair by reducing heat styling and avoiding excess heat to reduce breakage. Try to remove knots when you have conditioner in your hair using a wide toothed comb or detangling brush and use high quality products without Sulphates and Silicones.

We hope you find these tips useful. As always please get in touch if you have any questions and we will be really happy to help. 

The key with hair growth is consistency and commitment. If you apply these tips then you should see results after a few months. Give it time and keep practicing self care. 

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